Nevada Radon Test Kit Locations
Nevada Radon Education Program Radon Test Kit Locations
Howe, S. 2019, University of Nevada, Reno Extension
2020 Nevada Radon Poster Contest Flyer
The 2020 Nevada Radon Education Program Poster Contest is underway!
Howe, S. 2019, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno
Fact Sheets
Engineering in the Preschool Classroom
Children are natural engineers. Adults can help develop children’s beginning engineering skills by giving them things to build with and to take apart, asking questions, and providing them with safe opportunities and places to test out their ideas. In this fact sheet we focus on the engineering-related skills of building and construction, and movement and force.
Weigel, D., Byington, T. and Kim, Y. 2019, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-19-04
An Intercultural Competence Organizational Development Model for Embracing Diversity and Inclusion. Moncloa, F., Horrillo, S. J., Espinoza, D., & Hill, R. 2019, Journal of Extension.
healthy food
Effects of different antioxidants on quality of beef patties from steers fed low-moisture distillers grains
Corn Distillers Grains plus Solubles (DGS) are commonly used as a source of protein and energy for finishing cattle and its composition may vary based on moisture levels, fat and protein content. However, the inclusion of DGS in finishing diets alters beef quality attributes when compared to corn-based diets.
Fruet, A.P.B., Nörnberg, J.L., Calkins, C.R., de Mello, A.S. 2019, Meat Science, Volume 154, August 2019, Pages 119-125
Lay or Popular Publications
house plant on shelf
Four Myths of House Plant Care
Learned the scientific information that debunks many of the myths thought to be true.
Fisher, J. 2019, Reno Gazette Journal
Gardening education you need
Educational opportunities in landscaping and gardening for spring 2019.
Fisher, J. 2019, Reno Gazette Journal
Firefighters with firetruck in the foreground; hillside on fire in the background
Up in smoke: University ecologists help firefighters protect Nevada's lands
Fires unleash devastating losses on Nevada ranches, grazing areas, and habitat. Each leaves Nevada lands more vulnerable to future fires. Knowing how to care for Nevada's land before and after disturbances is key to reducing wildland fire risk and repairing lands post-fire. This is where two University experts come in.
Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
Iris in bloom
What is firescaping?
University experts give tips on keeping your landscape from going up in flames
Andrews, A. and Skelly, J. 2019, Nevada Today
Ana Nunez Zepeda at an educational booth
Graduate of the Pack: Ana Nunez Zepeda, nutrition instructor
"It’s important that there are people doing what I do because we can help our community by teaching them how to have a healthy lifestyle."
Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
Jamie Ludwig Dafoe digging a hole on a range
Women in science: Jamie Ludwig Dafoe, rangeland specialist
Dafoe, a graduate of the College of Biotechnology, Agriculture & Natural Resources rangeland science program, takes us through life as a rangeland consultant
Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
Men loading juniper bushes into a truck
What did we learn from the Caughlin Fire?
Jamie Roice-Gomes and Ashley Andrews break down 5 lessons learned following the Caughlin Fire
Andrews, A. and Roice-Gomes, J. 2019, Nevada Today
Men shoveling pine needles into a trailer
What is defensible space and how do I create some around my home?
University experts help homeowners to make homes more fire safe
Smith, E. and Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
A house and car completely engulfed in flames
How can I prepare my home and neighborhood for a wildfire?
University experts caution actions taken by homeowners before a fire ever starts play a critical role.
Smith, E. and Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
Melinda Yerka in a field
Women in science: a Q&A with CABNR researchers
Professors Stringham and Yerka, along with postdoctoral scholar Dunham-Cheatham, discuss their work as CABNR researchers
Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
Women in science: a Q&A with CABNR pet food mercury researchers
Professor Gustin and fellow researchers Chichester, Dunham-Cheatam, Luippold and Vargas-Estrada talk about their work and answer related questions
Gustin, M.S., Chichester, L., Dunham-Cheatham, S., Luippold, A., and Vargas Estrada M. 2019, Nevada Today
Woman leaning against a wall with her head down
The hard truth about domestic violence
Intimate partner violence doesn't discriminate. It can happen to anyone. Learn more about its impacts on victims, survivors and the economy, and find local and national resources.
Andrews, A. 2019, Nevada Today
September Newsletter Shay McGee, Alita Requena 2019, N/A