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cattle feeding at UNR's Main Station Ranch

Agricultural Outlook (Nevada)

Provide agricultural stakeholders with a concise evaluation of current market conditions, expected trends in crop and livestock income potential and management implications.

range cow

Agriculture: Living Beyond a Pandemic

Weekly updates and expertise to assist agriculturists in making management and production decisions for future viability.

Reyna Mendez teaching a business education class

Business Development Program

The Business Development Program aims to instruct small business owners about fundamental business concepts while providing access and direction to informational resources. Small business owners, at any stage of development, can benefit from educational opportunities and awareness of all business network resources. This is where the Business Development Program, with its workshops and relationships with Nevada business programs, steps in to act as a guide.

idaho street elko nv cb

Capacity Building for Healthy Communities

Capacity building strengthens an organization’s ability to fulfill its mission to have a positive impact on communities. Strategic thinking, visioning, action planning and board development are capacity building activities.

Amilton de Mello in Winnemucca

Cattlemen's Update

Cattlemen’s Update is Extension’s annual educational program offered for beef cattle producers to learn about issues affecting profitability and product quality in the Great Basin region.

campfire coffee cb

Coffee Shop email helps ranchers make money

Extension’s coffee shop is a national subscription email designed to provide a two-way communication network for livestock producers. The question-and-answer service provides answers to livestock production and marketing questions.

Resource Stewardship improves rangeland management cb

Collaborative Resource Stewardship improves rangeland management

Extension has helped lead Collaborative Resource Stewardship efforts in northeastern Nevada over the past seven years, resulting in a model for other states and areas.

hoop house workshop cb

Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program

The purpose of Nevada’s Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program (FRTEP) is to improve the ability of Native American farmers and ranchers to manage their agricultural enterprises effectively, efficiently and profitably.

heifers grazing in field

Herds & Harvest Program - Nevada Beginning Farmer and Rancher Project

Developing educational courses, workshops, technical assistance, business advice and mentoring support network for Nevada agricultural producers who are beginning or diversify a farm or ranch operation.

Dry lake bed

Living with Drought

The program connects stakeholders with drought status information, essential research, and tools that can be used to help address and assess the impacts of drought in Nevada.

pesticide traing cb

Pesticide Safety Education Program

Extension’s Pesticide Safety Education Program provides web-based training for pesticide applicators seeking to apply restricted and general use pesticides safely, properly and according to the law. Pesticide licensure and certification is administered by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

risk management class

Risk Management Education

Extension develops and delivers a comprehensive risk management education program to livestock and forage producers in Nevada.

3D printing cb

Small Business development in rural Nevada

Extension offered business planning classes to existing and potential small-scale entrepreneurs through a series of interactive video and face-to-face classes.

slide mountain from washoe lake

SNOWPACS: Synthesizing kNowledge to Optimize Water Policy for Agriculture under Changing Snowpack

SNOWPACS is a National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)-funded project on the impact of changes in mountain snowpack on agricultural production and water allocation institutions in the western United States.

Social Media Training cb

Social Media Training

Extension teaches social media for businesses, community members, scientists/agriculturalists and Extension professionals

Soybean Production in Nevada cb

Soybean Production in Nevada

Extension research shows that soybeans may have potential as a low-water-use alternative crop in alfalfa in Nevada. Alfalfa is one of the most grown crops in Nevada. Since Nevada is the driest state in the country, it is critical to identify profitable low-water-use crops, like the soybean.


Sustainable Agricultural Practices Program

Extension conducts several sustainable agriculture programs including researching alternative crops, introducing sustainable biodiversity/multiple use of rangelands, and increasing the number of pest control materials labeled in and increasing the knowledge and implementation rate of Integrated Pest Management practices in Nevada.

teff field in fallon nevada

Teff Crop Production

The purpose of this program is to introduce Nevada farmers to and help train them in the cultivation of teff, a small-seeded grain and forage crop that requires less water than alfalfa and can be more profitable.

UNR campus

University Center for Economic Development

UCED conduct applied and basic research studies, provide technical and management assistance services, offer counseling and referral services and sponsor workshops and seminars. We serve clients in both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in Nevada. Clients may include state government, community, organization or trade associations and, in some cases, business and industry and individuals.

cheatgrass and flixweed

Weed Prevention & Management

Integrated weed management is based on economically viable and environmentally friendly weed management tactics that combine use of herbicides with other control tactics, such as mowing, burning, tillage, grazing and re-vegetation. By taking steps to prevent weed invasion, land owners/managers and other stakeholders can avoid the economic and environmental impacts of noxious and invasive weeds.

BMED related Books, Articles, Fact Sheets, Reports, Videos...

A Precision Agriculture Fertilization Program for Alfalfa Hay Production: Will it Pay for Itself?
For purposes of this paper, PA involves a global positioning system, site-specific soil testing at regular grid locations and variable-rate technology for fertilizer application.
Breazeale, D. 2007, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Adding Value to Agriculture: Branding and Certification
In order for consumers to be able to identify certified products from those that are uncertified, it is essential that the certified products carry a label that states the qualifications the product has met. The increased demand for labeled products is also a result of increased disposable income.
Cowee, M. and Curtis, K. 2005, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Agriculture Production & Producer Needs in Nevada, 2005
This fact sheet provides an overview of a recent study of agricultural producers in Nevada which sought to determine the types of crops and livestock currently under production, the production and marketing methods in use, and the types of educational programming Nevada's agricultural producers.
Cowee, M., Curtis, K., and Havercamp, M. 2005, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Agritourism: Opportunity for Farm Diversification in Nevada
The majority of farmers choose agritourism enterprises to develop an additional source of income to their traditional agricultural practices. In turn, many small-scale farmers, due to economies of scale have been forced out of the industry completely or have found alternative sources of revenue.
Curtis, K. and Monson, J. 2005, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
All About Financial Statements | SBEP Finance Quick Tip
This video is about all of the financial statements. There are 3 financial statements: the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flow.
M. Bindrup, Juan Salas, Reyna Mendez, Farrah Stockett, Michelle Davis 2021, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
Alternative Marketing Options for Nevada’s Livestock Producers
Food safety concerns and the separation between producers and consumers are related, as the insecurity consumers feel regarding food safety stems from the numerous channels food products pass through before reaching the final consumer, especially in the case of imported products.
Cowee, M. and Curtis, K. 2008, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Business and Marketing Plans: A Path to Success for Nevada Agriculture
Business and marketing plans are road maps, designed to increase the probability of business success, provide a tool to define and reach a customer base, and secure venture capital.
Curtis, K. and Slocum, S. 2005, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Business Development Program Summary
Business Development Program Brochure
The Business Development Program aims to instruct small business owners about fundamental business concepts while providing access and direction to informational resources. This is where the Business Development Program, with its workshops and relationships with Nevada business programs, steps in to act as a guide.
Borden, B., Thomas, L., Salas, J., Mendez, R. 2020, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
Carson City Cultural Overview
Carson City Cultural Overview is a short summary of the county's culture, history, landscape, climate and community
Daniel Zapata 2021, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
Churchill County Alfalfa Hay Establishment, Production Costs and Returns
This publication is intended to be a guid, used to make production decisions, determine potential returns, and prepare business and marketing plans. Practices described are based on the production practices considered typical for this crop and region, but may not apply to every situation.
Curtis, K., Davison, J., MacDougall, B., and Riggs, W. 2004, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-05-43
Consumer Preferences for Meat Attributes
Recent food industry trends have presented consumers with the opportunity to demand more from the products they purchase. In the market for food products, this means that consumers are able to purchase products that do more than serve their basic need for nutrition.
Cowee, M., Curtis, K., Harris, T., and Lewis, S. 2008, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-08-11
Content marketing for your green industry business Andrews, A. 2017, Landscape Nevada Magazine
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