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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2024-03)

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we provide you with practical guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. Follow these simple dietary habits and physical activities to help prevent chronic disease. In addition, we will showcase a dinner recipe that is high in nutrients and can help boost immunity and overall health.

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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2024-02)

As we get older, love may start to look a little different. Learn some great ideas to bring sensory touch to an elder living alone. And read how to make small changes in your diet to more nutrient-dense food and beverage choices for breakfast and lunch. Next month, stay tuned for dinner suggestions.

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Healthy LIVING while aging! (2024-01)

Learn about the state's Radon Program and how to get free testing kits in Jan. and Feb. using our website's interactive map to find a pick-up location nearest you. Kits are available online for $17. In the kitchen, we are making an easy and nutritious power bowl using things you may already have on hand.

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