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The Master Gardener Volunteers of Douglas County provide horticulture education on gardens, landscapes, plants, pest control and other home horticulture-related topics. This newsletter of January 2024 is one of the many resources of information available to the public to help accomplish this mission.

Western Swallowtail Butterfly on Pink Phlox

Western Swallowtail Butterfly on Pink Phlox

Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The fun and new workshops/events/hands-on trainings the Extension Master Gardeners of Douglas County will be sponsoring in 2024 are the following:

  • Seed Swap - January 27, 2024
  • Native Plant Sale - May 18, 2024
  • Heritage Park Gardens Q&A Sessions - Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 pm, June - September 2024
    • Plant Swap - End of summer

By intertwining education with community engagement, the University's Master Gardener program of Douglas County contributes not to the beauty of local landsacpes but also to the sustainability and well-being of hte entire community. 

If you want to keep up to date on events/programming happening at Extension Douglas County, subscribe to our calendar. 

Wildlife in the Winter Garden

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2023

Master Gardener Program

Do you like to learn new things and share them with your community? Become a Master Gardener Volunteer in your community. Enrollment for classes opens in the Spring of 2024 and classes begin in August of 2024. For more information, please contact Jessica Gardner @ jessicagardner@unr.edu or 775-782-9960

We hope to see you in the garden!

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