Have you always wanted to learn more about gardening, have more of a science-based knowledge of gardening, meet new people and make a difference in the community? Then, the Master Gardeners of Nevada Program might be right for you.

Master Gardeners are community educators trained to work in partnership with University of Nevada, Reno Extension to educate the public and enhance the quality of life in communities by promoting science-based gardening practices.

Examples of community outreach from Master Gardeners of Nevada:

  • Demonstration and community gardens
  • School gardens
  • Classes and workshops
  • Websites and blogs
  • Free diagnostic office and hotline
  • Fairs and plant clinics
  • Print and digital media
working in greenhouse
working in greenhouse

How Master Gardeners of Nevada make a difference:

  • Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable horticultural practices
  • Reduce fertilizer and pesticide pollutants
  • Protect water quality and promote water conservation
  • Compost green waste,reducing landfill materials and improving air quality
  • Detect and manage invasive species
  • Raise wildland fire protection awareness

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