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Combatting Salinity: Evaluation of Tomato Rootstocks Under Mild and Severe Salt Stress

This Extension publication reports the results of University of Nevada, Reno Experiment Station research that tested six different commercial tomato rootstocks and one commercial tomato cultivar for salt tolerance under low, moderate and severe salinity levels.

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Enfermedades relacionadas con Calor: Síntomas, Primeros Auxilios y Prevención / Heat-Related Illnesses: Symptoms, First Aid and Prevention

Esta publicación describe las 4 enfermedades principales relacionadas con el calor: insolación, agotamiento por causa del calor, calambres por el calor y sarpullido por el calor. Esta es una de una serie de 10 hojas que contienen datos sobre el Uso y Seguridad de Pesticidas.

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Using native plants to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects - workshop and plant giveaway

These workshops in Reno and Elko will cover the fascinating ecology of our native pollinators and how to use native plants to provide critical habitat for them and pest control services for you. In addition, there will be a plant giveaway at the end of the workshop!

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Do you like to grow plants, help people and support your community? Become an Master Gardener.


The results of a Nevada’s Washoe County Horticulture Needs Assessment identified the following issues: home food production and edible landscaping, diagnosis and management of plant pests (insects, disease, weeds), local food production and urban agriculture, sustainable landscaping practices (including native plant landscaping), and landscape water conservation. In addition, the Mojave Desert’s unique conditions require special training. Extension offices in both Clark and Washoe Counties receive thousands of phone calls and emails, as well as visits to the office, from people requesting assistance, which can easily overwhelm faculty and staff resources.

Across Nevada, Extension Master Gardeners volunteer over 40,000 hours each year. Some Master Gardener volunteer activities are consistent throughout the state, including teaching classes, offering garden tours, staffing information booths at community events, and answering questions in person at Extension offices and through email and telephone. In addition, Master Gardeners in each county performed activities and events specific to the county. Master Gardeners also presented for the Southern Utah Green conference.

Have a gardening question?

If you have questions about gardening in Nevada, let us know! We're here to help you with your plant questions. Here's our info. We hope you reach out.

Washoe County Master Gardeners
Phone: 775-784-4848
Text: 775-399-8522

Clark County Master Gardeners
Phone: 702-257-5555


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Program Leader & Contact
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Program Leader & Contact
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Clark County - Las Vegas
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