Home Horticulture Certificate Program

Providing basic horticulture education to homeowners, educators, and anyone interested in learning more about the Nevada landscapes, plants, and more.


The University of Nevada, Reno Extension Master Gardener program is a volunteer educator program designed to teach research-based Nevada gardening practices to volunteers who in turn share this knowledge with their local communities through educational presentations and workshops, community events, answering home gardening questions at their local county Extension office, and much more.

Master Gardener Intern (first-year) Commitments

The minimum hour commitments during the first year as a Master Gardener Intern are:

  • 15 hours of continuing education (CE)
  • 35 hours of approved volunteer projects or activities

Master Gardener Annual Commitments

The minimum yearly hour commitments as a Master Gardener are:

  • 10 hours of continuing education (CE)
  • 20 hours on approved volunteer projects or activities

*Counties may require additional volunteer hours. Each county may also have hour requirements for specific types of volunteer activities, such as the help desk.



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