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Master Gardeners are volunteers who have been trained in the finer points of gardening to improve their own knowledge and to share it with others. Master Gardeners provide free, research-based horticulture information to Nevadans. As volunteers, Master Gardeners contribute volunteer hours every year through a variety of projects, including but not limited to: answering telephone and email inquiries, staffing booths at fairs and home shows, conducting educational presentations in the community and consulting at school and community gardens.

Across Nevada, Extension Master Gardeners volunteer over 40,000 hours each year. Some Master Gardener volunteer activities are consistent throughout the state, including teaching classes, offering garden tours, staffing information booths at community events, and answering questions in person at Extension offices and through email and telephone. In addition, Master Gardeners in each county performed activities and events specific to the county. Master Gardeners also presented for the Southern Utah Green conference.

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If you have questions about gardening in Nevada, let us know! We're here to help you with your plant questions. Here's our info. We hope you reach out.

Washoe County Master Gardeners
Phone: 775-784-4848
Text: 775-399-8522

Clark County Master Gardeners
Phone: 702-257-5555

Douglas County Master Gardeners

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Katelyn Brinkerhoff
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Lori Leas
Clark County - Las Vegas
Angela O'Callaghan
Clark County - Las Vegas
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