Nevada has been involved in 4-H camping since the first 4-H camp took place on the University of Nevada, Reno campus in 1930. For about 79 years in Nevada, 4-H camping has been a proven and effective method of reaching, teaching and involving youth in leadership skills development. Each year, more than 500 youth participate in 4-H camping programs at Lake Tahoe Nevada 4-H Camp. Other 4-H camping programs take place across the state.

Both residential and day 4-H camping programs have a rich history of providing educational programming to thousands of youth annually through hands-on, experiential learning. Every camp offers great adventure, friendship and fun, and all seek to develop the camper's Head, Heart, Hands and Health to make him or her a better person. The leadership skills that are given major emphasis in Nevada's 4-H camping program include:

  • Understanding self and character building skills
  • Communicating and relating to others
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Managing resources
  • Working with others
  • Environmental stewardship

4-H camping is cooperative group living that focuses on the individual's social, spiritual, mental, and physical development for both boys and girls. Since 4-H camping is educationally focused, it is recognized as a method by which to deliver 4-H programming.

These camps involve trained professional staff, as well as highly skilled adult and teen volunteers in working with and supervising all campers.

Nevada 4-H Camp Youth Programs

Nevada offers a number of camps at the Nevada State 4-H camp in Lake Tahoe. Each camp is planned, organized and staffed by County and State Extension 4-H staff and volunteers. Teens are selected and trained to be counselors at each camp. Each area camp is listed below, with dates and contact information.

Campers from the respective areas are given first priority for attendance. If there is availability others can apply to attend the camp. Youth from military families are given an allocated number of spaces dependent upon the area camp.

More details will be added as it becomes available, including price, the age range of each camp, registration opening dates, and forms required to register.

  • 4-H Health 4 Happiness Camp:  July 6-9, 2022, contact person Kenny Haack-Damon,
  • 4-H Northern-Western Area Camp:  July 9-16, 2022, contact person Sarah Chvilicek,
  • 4-H Central Camp:  July 17-21, 2022, contact person Karen Bogdanowicz, and Hillary Dashiell,
  • 4-H Mineral County & Native Program Camp:  August 2-6, 2022, contact person Staci Emm,
  • 4-H Mindfulness Camp: October 5-8, 2022, contact person Sarah Chvilicek, or Kenny Haack-Damon,

The 4-H Camp Team

Kenny Haack-Damon
Program Leader & Contact
Spencer Ray
Program Contact
2022 4-H Health 4 Happiness Summer Camp registration Packet
This packet includes a registration form, media release, assumption of risk, conduct policy, and health and medical form.
Haack-Damon, K. 2022, Extension, University of Nevada, Forms
Nevada State 4-H Camp, Long-Term Recovery Reopening Policies and Procedures
Nevada State 4-H Camp, Long-Term Recovery ReOpening for outside user groups
Haack-Damon, K 2020, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno