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Reyna Mendez teaching a business education class

Business Development Program

The Business Development Program aims to instruct small business owners about fundamental business concepts while providing access and direction to informational resources. Small business owners, at any stage of development, can benefit from educational opportunities and awareness of all business network resources. This is where the Business Development Program, with its workshops and relationships with Nevada business programs, steps in to act as a guide.

Nevada Radon Education Program personnel, Susan Howe and Nadia Noel

Nevada Radon Education Program

The Nevada Radon Education Program is a partnership with the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health to educate Nevadans about the health risk posed by elevated levels of radon in the home. The Extension program offers literature, educational presentations and low cost radon test kits in many county Extension and partner offices.

mother shopping with daughter

SNAP Into Farm Fresh Foods (SF3)

We teach SNAP recipients how to so support local farmers markets by purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables with their benefits. We also work with local farmers market managers, vendors and other community partners to educate them on the importance of creating a SNAP-friendly environment and provide SNAP-related technical support

girl hula hooping

Healthy Kids - Physical Activity Toolbox

The toolkit will assist parents, child care providers and teachers with integrating physical activity throughout each day and providing programming that helps children meet age-level physical activity recommendations.

food in jars

Healthy Food Systems

The Healthy Food Systems (HFS) program works to increase access to and knowledge of healthy foods within the community through direct education and policy, systems, and environmental approaches. The HFS program focuses on local food production, food preparation and processing, nutrition, and food security in order to successfully educate the community on how food systems influence health.

Hot air balloon event in Elko, Nevada

Nevada Economic Assessment Project (NEAP) - Elko County

NEAP's quantitative and qualitative baseline data and analysis for Elko County


Excerpts from our latest newsletter

Honoring the Best

Digital awards celebration of College faculty, staff and students

College of Agriculture, Biotechnoloty & Natural Resources

Two award recipients at 2018 ceremony posing with Honer the Best photoHonor the Best celebration provides the opportunity to recognize the amazing accomplishments of the College's students, employees and supporters. Photo by College.

I am especially pleased to honor our academic achievements along with our Experiment Station and Extension research and engagement accomplishments, some of which are highlighted below. Together, we are meeting the challenges of COVID-19 by pivoting our classes, offering childcare, donating supplies, helping Nevadansoffering online education and resources, and more. And, together, we also will meet tomorrow's challenges with our quality teaching, research and engagement programs.

Congratulations to our graduates, to our employees whose work this past year has grown a stronger Nevada, and to our awardees. Your outstanding performance has brought credit not only to your departments and units, but also to our College and University.

I sincerely thank you all for your dedication, support and commitment to excellence, and hope you enjoy your celebration.

William A. Payne, Dean of the College

"I am especially pleased to honor our academic achievements along with our Experiment Station and Extension research and engagement accomplishments."

-Bill Payne


Program coordinator aims to enhance impact of Extension programs

Jeantyl Norze is developing tools to monitor program goals and accomplishments

Hannah Alfaro

Jeantyl NorseJeantyl Norze is working with 4-H Youth Development to monitor high school graduation rates among participating youth. Photo by Cindi Kay Morehead, Extension.

Jeantyl Norze has joined Extension in Clark County as the coordinator for program evaluation.

Currently, Norze is evaluating the impact that COVID-19 is having on several Extension programs, including Nevada 4-H Youth Development and children, youth and families programming. Since most of Extension’s programs were forced to transition to an online environment, he has been actively monitoring and helping program coordinators meet their goals during this transition. Norze hopes analysis tools can monitor the impact the pandemic is having on program participants, and he’s ensuring instructors are trained to implement online coursework.

As evaluation coordinator, Norze’s role is to increase Extension’s evaluation outcomes by providing technical assistance and training to faculty and staff as needed. Before joining Extension, he taught program development and program evaluation at Louisiana State University for two years. Last March, he offered a presentation on program development and evaluation at a new faculty orientation.

“One of the reasons I was so excited to work with Extension was so I could make an impact on the lives of Nevadans."

-Jeantyl Norse


4-H Alumni Q&A: Reana Bye

Former Washoe County 4-H Youth Development participant

Reana Bye with 4-H studentsReana Bye has been volunteering at the 4-H Youth Development Camp Program in various leadership positions after attending the program as a youth. Photo by Reana Bye.

Question: As a youth, how did you participate in 4-H? What clubs, camps or activities were you involved in?

Answer: I was part of the Washoe County 4-H Program from the time I was 9 to my senior year. I did everything possible, but the biggest programs I participated in were the 4-H Horse Program and livestock – we raised market lambs. Apart from that, though, my mom started a sewing and crafting club for us, and I went to the 4-H camp up in Lake Tahoe as an actual camper, a teen and then as an adult chaperone. As I got older, I had the opportunity to go to 4-H Congress, and I ended up working at the state office while I was at the University.

Question: Looking back on your experiences in 4-H, what do you think you learned from these experiences that benefited you the most throughout your life?

Answer: 4-H, for me, gave me so much more than I ever could’ve imagined. There are very prominent goals that teach you citizenship and hard work and record-keeping. I think, along with that, were the families and people that we were surrounded with that made the biggest difference in my life. When you have people like Sarah Chvilicek or Joni Test, who give their whole lives to these youth, it gives you the opportunity to see what great leadership is like. I had the opportunity to be around people who really made me understand that no matter what I do in my life, I want to make sure I’m there for other kids and to ensure the continuation of these programs. When you’re learning the formal things like how to take care of your animals, it’s great, but it’s really the underlying messages of hard work, dedication and helping others that made it one of the most invaluable experiences of my life.

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McGee, S. 2020, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno
4-H Summer Adventures: Family Camp at Home (Flyer)
The focus of this camp is to Explore Science! Each week, families will receive a kit that includes the supplies and instructions necessary to conduct daily activities at home. Activities will be planned for Monday - Thursday, with Friday being a virtual "Show and Tell" day through Zoom.
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Clark County Radon Information | 2020 National Radon Action Month
Get a FREE radon test kit and attend a free radon education presentation in Clark County during National Radon Action Month.
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name calling
Avoid labeling your child
Parents (also caregivers and adults) easily label children without consciously realizing it. Labeling children typically entails using an adjective to describe a child's character, behavior or appearance (e.g., shy, bossy, picky eater, always crying, etc.). What adult says carries a lot of weight with children.
YaeBin Kim and Heidi Petermeier 2019, Extension Fact Sheet-19-13
‘Fruit’ Flower and Seed Vegetable Varieties for the Moapa and Virgin Valleys
The purpose of this publication is to emphasize the selected vegetable varieties or cultivars (seeds/plants) that may perform better than others in the Moapa and Virgin Valleys.
Bishop, C. and Stoesser, D. 2013, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-13-05
Leaf Vegetable Varieties for the Moapa and Virgin Valleys
The purpose of this publication is to emphasize the selected vegetable varieties or cultivars (seeds/plants) that may perform better than others in the Moapa and Virgin Valleys.
Bishop, C. and Stoesser, D. 2013, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-13-06
Problemas De Palmeras Que En Realidad No Son Problemas
Problemas de palma que no son. Muchas personas no están familiarizadas con el cultivo de palmeras y hacen observaciones que piensan que son anormales en el crecimiento y la apariencia de las palmas. Esta publicación aborda estos síntomas, el problema percibido y la explicación de lo que realmente está ocurriendo en la
Robinson, M.L., O'Callaghan, A., Schaerer, M. F. 2011, Extension: University of Nevada, Reno, FS-11-53
wooden raised bed
Raised Beds Can Make Gardening Easier
How to use raised beds to make gardening easier!
O'Callaghan, A. 2010, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, FS-10-33
rose rooting in bottle
The Rose in the Desert Southwest
A comprehensive guide on growing roses in the desert southwest. It covers soil preparation and planting, monthly care, pruning, and disease problems for growing roses. It also includes a easy to follow month by month care guide for roses.
Mills, L., Johnson, W. S., and O'Callaghan, A. 2003, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno FS-03-15
Cultivated Palm Seed Germination
This publication identifies ways to germinate palm seeds, for both homeowner and commercial grower. Palms come from various climates including tropical, subtropical, warm temperate and desert areas. They have different germination requirements and the rates vary. This is about best practices for seed germination.
Robinson, M.L. 2002, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Special Publication SP-02-09
El Cuidado de las Plantas de Interior
Esta breve hoja informativa le da al lector una mejor comprensión de los requisitos básicos para el éxito en el cultivo de plantas domésticas que incluye recomendaciones para plantas de interior que funcionan bien en el desierto suroeste.
Robinson, M.L. and Roberts, A. 1999, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno FS 99-59
Siembre Plantas Anuales Para Darle Color Al Paisaje
En el sur de Nevada se pueden plantar diferentes anuales durante todo el año para agregar color y variedad al paisaje. Hay anuales de otoño, invierno y primavera que prosperan, y hay algunos anuales de verano que tratan de sobrevivir. Esta documento ofrece consejos para usar y cultivar anualmente en paisajes domésticos
Robinson, M.L. and Roberts, A. 1999, Extension: University of Nevada, Reno FS 99-62
Displacement of Ca2+ by Na+ from the plasmalemma of root cells. A primary response to salt stress? G.R. Cramer, A. Läuchli, V.S. Polito 1985, Plant Physiology 79:207-211
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