Learn the secrets of high-desert gardening

Extension is offering eight “Grow Your Own, Nevada!” classes in spring and four classes in fall statewide to help Nevadans who want to get on a path to more sustainable, local, healthy living by growing and preserving more of their own food. Topics are chosen based recommendations from the community and previous participants. Every Grow Your Own, Nevada! class series is a bit different, providing information for gardeners at all levels.

The workshops will provide gardeners and those interested in growing healthy foods with a “back-to-the-basics” guide to great harvests in Nevada.

Classes are held live in Reno and via interactive video to Extension offices statewide. Please call you county offices to attend at the site nearest you.

  • Battle Mountain: 815 N. Second St., 775-635-5565
  • Caliente: 360 Lincoln St., 775-762-3332
  • Carson: 2621 Northgate Lane #12, 775-887-2252
  • Elko: 701 Walnut St., 775-738-7291
  • Fallon: 111 Sheckler Road, 775-423-5121
  • Gardnerville: 1325 Waterloo Lane, 775-782-9960
  • Pahrump: 1651 E. Calvada Blvd., 775-727-5532
  • Reno: 4955 Energy Way, 775-784-4848
  • Winnemucca: 1085 Fairgrounds Road, 775-623-6304
  • Yerington: 504 S. Main St., 775-463-6541

Horticulture Classes & Events

News Articles, Fact Sheets, Reports...
california fuschia flowers
Add plants to attract hummingbirds
Attracting hummingbirds to your garden can be done by adding specific plant species.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
living wall with bromeliads
Bring plants indoors to beat winter blues
What is interior plantscaping, including living walls.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
vegetables in water for regrowing
Bring vegetable growing indoors this winter
Using kitchen vegetable cuttings to regrow indoors.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
russian sage growing near garden bed
Common herbs can become weeds
Many herbs are aggressive and become weeds in our vegetable gardens
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
Community Gardening Makes Reno Bloom Andrews, A. 2017, Reno Gazette-Journal
Gardening education you need
Educational opportunities in landscaping and gardening for spring 2019.
Fisher, J. 2019, Reno Gazette Journal
garden beds
Healing Gardens: How we can honor veterans
Healing gardens provide a source of relaxation, inspiration and rehabilitation for veterans.
Fisher, J. 2017, Reno Gazette Journal
master gardener volunteers talking to clients in the office
Is it scientific or just a myth?
The best place to get science-based information if from Cooperative Extension.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
scottish thistle
Nevada Nuisance Weeds Field Guide
The plants listed in this field guide are nuisance weeds, those that are troublesome, but have not been listed by the state as noxious weeds.
Hefner, M., Kratsch, H. 2018, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension SP-18-02
Nevada's Weather and Climate
Weather and climate are related, but they are not the same. The difference between weather and climate is time. Practically speaking, weather determines which clothes you decide to put on today, but climate determines the type of clothes that are in your closet.
Ormerod, Kerri Jean; McAfee, Stephanie 2017, Extension | Fact Sheet 17-04
Preparing your landscape for a vacation
How to care for your landscape or garden during vacation in summer months.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
trough in soil
Private Soil Testing Labs for Home Gardens
A list of private soil testing laboratories to use for home gardeners.
Master Gardeners 2019, Extension
jar with tomato seeds
Saving seeds from your garden is easy and free
Saving seeds from your garden is easy and free.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
potted kohlradi greens
Steps to a successful container salad garden
Growing a container salad garden at home is easy, includes steps and varieties to plant.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
person kneeling on pad while digging in garden bed
The importance of ergonomics in the garden
Gardening ergonomics are important for every gardener.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
gardener with hula hoe
Top six garden must-haves for 2018
Best items for gardeners in 2018.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal
Master Gardeners learning with training activity
What do Master Gardeners do anyway?
The Master Gardener program has a little for everyone and serves Washoe County through the Cooperative Extension horticulture office in Reno.
Fisher, J. 2017, Reno Gazette Journal
oregon grape flower
What’s blooming now?
Flowers blooming in spring that are inconspicuous.
Fisher, J. 2018, Reno Gazette Journal

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