Eric Killian

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Eric Killian

Southern Area Director, County Educator


Eric Killian focuses on youth leadership, decision-making skills, workforce readiness and improving the quality of programs offered to youth and their families through staff trainings.


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Botanic Gardens

Extension's 7 acre outdoor educational Botanic Gardens surround the Extension office at 8050 Paradise Road in Las Vegas. Maintained by faculty, staff, Master Gardeners and other volunteers, the gardens contain a collection of over 1,500 plants. The collection spans the Demonstration and Test Gardens, Nevada Naturalist Area, The Cactus Garden, the Courtyard Gardens, the Dry Wash, and the Front Gardens. The Demonstration and Test Gardens contain Extension's fruit orchard, vegetable gardens, compos

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Career Edge: Teens Taking Charge of Their Future! A Workforce Readiness Program

A workforce readiness program for high school students focused on skill development for workplace and job success. Career Edge provides information and training on interview skills, résumé development, filling out applications, finding job leads and selecting appropriate clothing for the workplace. In addition, many "soft skills" needed in the workplace such as decision-making, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership are integrated throughout the program.

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Fact Sheets
Delivering 4-H to an Urban Environment: What do Urban Volunteer Leaders Need to Know?
This fact sheet contains information on things Urban Volunteer leaders need to know in order to deliver 4-H to an urban environment such as delivering programs, structuring of urban 4-H, and programs.
Barker, W. and Killian, E. 2010, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-10-82
Special Publications
Family and Youth Services Detention Survey: A report of 2001 findings
This fact sheet contains extensive information on the Family and Youth Services Detention Survey by learning about the demographics of Spring Mountain and CCDFYS detention. Learn through detailed tables that list the demographic and categories with percentages and n value.
Letner, J., Brown, R., Killian, E., and Evans, B. 2001, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, SP-02-01