Program Impacts

Children, Youth and Families

Let’s Discover STEM, Little Books and Little Cooks, Partners in Parenting participated in 17 community events and hosted the 7th annual Kickoff to Kindergarten School Readiness Fair reaching over 11,000 individuals and families. The program provided 17 Let’s Discover STEM, 21 Little Books and Little Cooks, and 22 partners in parenting programs to 658 adults and 696 children. In addition, Digital Parenting Project was launched and reached 306 families and five early care and education sites.

68 early childhood professionals, 29 preschool teachers, four family childcare providers, and two family, friends and neighbors, completed 120 credential hours for the Child Development Training and Coaching Program. 364 Nevada Ready Pre-K teachers, assistant teachers and directors participated in 15 early childhood development training sessions.

Leadership Community of Practice, Trainer Professional Learning Community, Quality Rating Improvement System Internal Coaching and Adult Learning Academy conducted monthly sessions with 96 participants focused on coaching/mentoring staff in leadership skills needed to run early childhood programs effectively.

Over 295 early childhood training classes were provided for 625 individual early childhood professionals. Online classes resulted in 19,441 certificates of completion being awarded.

4-H Youth Development

Clark County 4-H grows young people with the skills needed to succeed in life and careers. It empowers our youth to pursue their passions to become leaders in their communities. 4-H is university-supported research combined with community-based programs that inspire our youth to act and learn by doing. 4-H engages youth through a variety of delivery models in the areas of STEM, Healthy Living, Agriculture and Civic Engagement.

Clark County 4-H reached 11,867 youth through clubs, day camping programs, in-school enrichment programs, after-school programs and military youth programs.

Health and Nutrition

Extension’s Health and Nutrition department collectively delivered direct education to 9,300 Clark County residents across the lifespan. During the 2021-2022 time period, the Health & Nutrition team:

  • Made direct contact with 5,786 children ages 3 to 5 years; 25,018 youth in elementary and middle schools; and 3,870 adults and older adults. The team also reached 70,723 individuals through indirect methods and supervised multiple dietetic internships including seven students completing their long-term community rotations.
  • Provided nutrition education to 6,917 third-grade students in 26 schools; 1,336 fifth and sixth-grade students in six Clark County schools and five community centers; 20 cooking classes to first and fourth-grade students in five schools as part of their summer school programming; and provided Smarter Lunchroom assessments to support School Wellness Policy, in nine Clark County elementary schools, reaching 5,173 students.
  • Taught young children about healthy eating and being physically active through various evidenced-based curricula and other targeted efforts to reduce and prevent childhood obesity. Efforts included garden-nutrition education and fruit and vegetable exposure; trainings for preschool teachers and administrators; and parent engagement activities.
  • Provided evidenced-based nutrition, physical activity and falls-prevention classes for older adults and developed and piloted a new nutrition module for an existing falls prevention curriculum. Provided gender-responsive health education programming to augment treatment for individuals recovering from substance use.
  • Participated in and coordinated several community outreach and health promotion events, reaching approximately 2,341 children and 1,969 adults. Healthy Kids Festival was conducted at Bob Price Park with 38 partnering agencies and support from Commissioner Kirkpatrick and Senator Spearman, reaching 1,195 attendees. Extension celebrated a ‘Decade of Excellence’ having reached over 12,000 attendees since the festival’s inception in 2012 and providing sustainable tools and opportunities for children to make healthy choices. The team also conducted Falls Prevention events at seven senior living facilities in partnership with Coordinated Living of Southern Nevada. 

Business/Economic Development

In partnership with community organizations, Extension’s Small Business Education Program provided in-person and virtual classes to help small business owners navigate the complexities of owning and running a small business. Alongside these classes, Extension also provides small business owners access to a fully-stocked digital library of educational content free of charge, which allowed them to learn at their own pace from any phone, laptop, or tablet. This digital library, called the Virtual Classroom, is available in both English and Spanish. Today the Virtual Classroom has over 150 videos and this learning platform continues to be filled with new content.

The Virtual Classroom is divided into five business education topics, or “pillars.” These five pillars (finance, management, marketing, operations, and startup) consist of full-length videos, such as classes, and shorter content, which is further divided into “quick tips” and “how to’s.”

Our top viewed shorter content videos are: in Spanish, “Que es un Codigo NAICS” (What’s a NAICS Code) with 1,358 views and our top viewed in English is “S-Corps vs. C-Corps” with 800 views. Our top viewed full-length class is “How to Really Start a Business in Nevada” with 532 views. In total, the SBEP playlists on the UNR Extension YouTube channel have been viewed over 4200 times. We aim to increase the views with increased marketing next year.

Extension has also recently launched the BizLife Podcast. This video podcast is produced in both English and Spanish to serve the diverse population in southern Nevada. The BizLife Podcast is produced by Extension in collaboration with the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas. The podcast touches on a variety of small business topics to help entrepreneurs in their businesses and in their lives. If you enjoy binge watching, the SBEP produced more than 30 episodes this year! You can watch and listen on Spotify, as well as iTunes, and Google Podcasts – or click the link:

Clark County’s Office of Economic Development, contracted with Extension, to create a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) eLearning course for the Clark County Small Business Opportunity Program. This program is designed to help small business owners learn the information and processes they need to compete for government contracts with the county as well as teach them relevant business practices. This program has been traditionally provided as an in-person course that lasts over 10 weeks. The county saw the need to create an online course where small business owners can progress at their own pace while learning how to do business with Clark County and other local, state and federal agencies

Extension created scripts, filmed, narrated, and edited video presentations encompassing 12 learning modules, in both English and Spanish, on a variety of procurement topics and business issues including:

  • Nevada Purchasing Laws
  • Navigating the NGEM System
  • Marketing to a Municipality
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Laws
  • Insurance and Bonding
  • Legal and Contract issues
  • RFP’s, RFQ’s, & SOQ’s
  • Project Management

Extension’s Small Business team is proud of the program they have created for the county and know that it will be used to help many small businesses secure government contracts in the future. 


The Research Center and Demonstration Orchard is a cooperative effort between University of Nevada Reno, Extension, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the City of North Las Vegas. Varieties being tested at the center include 170 fruit trees varieties, 22 grape varieties, 87 vegetable varieties, and 15 hops varieties. Harvests in 2021 totaled 8993 for fruit, 3090 for grapes, 2127 for vegetables and 6.6 for hops. That same year 5694 pounds were donated to local community members and food banks. Volunteers logged 5961 hours.The center hosted 2960 visitors and 320 class attendees.

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Summary

 Total Revenue: $7,612,388
 Total Expenses: $7,419,593
Total Ending Balance: $14,222,522

Killian, Eric 2022, Clark County Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, County Reports

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