Nuestros invitados de "Nevada Business Hub" nos comentan sobre los servicios gratuitos para empresarios sobre prestamos,
contratación, desarrollo de talento, reclutamiento, despidos y entrenamiento. También actualizaciones del SBA.

J. Salas, R. Mendez, M. Bindrup, F. Stockett 2021, ¡Conoce a Nevada Business Hub! | SBEP Management Town Hall, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno

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How to run a Successful Agriculture Business
The scope for agriculture business is wide all around the world as we all depend on it for basic livelihood needs. It is important to strategically plan your business to ensure its success without losing its core focus.
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People shopping for pesticide products in a hardware store.
Pesticide Labels Explained
Tips for considering when to use a pesticide and the basics of reading pesticide labels.
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Using native plants to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects - workshop and plant giveaway
These workshops in Reno and Elko will cover the fascinating ecology of our native pollinators and how to use native plants to provide critical habitat for them and pest control services for you. In addition, there will be a plant giveaway at the end of the workshop!
Burls, K.J. and H. Kratsch 2021, University of Nevada, Reno Event Calendar
Collaboratively Modeling Reservoir Reoperation to Adapt to Earlier Snowmelt Runoff
A collaborative modeling research program in the Truckee River Basin iteratively convenes researchers and local water managers to (1) assess water management challenges under climate change, (2) identify strategies to adapt water management, (3) prioritize research and modeling...
Sterle, K., Jose, L., Coors, S., Singletary, L., Pohll, G., and Rajagopal, S. 2020, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 146(1), 05019021
Planning for Plant Growth using the Grazing Response Index
Planning tool for managing grazing to enhance herbaceous plant (e.g. perennial grass) growth by evaluating season, duration and intensity of grazing.
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Associated Programs

Reyna Teaching a Class

Small Business Education Program

The Small Business Education Program aims to instruct small business owners about fundamental business concepts while providing access and direction to informational resources. Small business owners, at any stage of development, can benefit from educational opportunities and awareness of all business network resources. This is where the Small Business Education Program, with its workshops and relationships with Nevada business programs, steps in to act as a guide.

Reyna teaching a class at Latin Chamber

Small Business Education - Versión en Español

El Small Business Education Program tiene como objetivo instruir a los dueños de pequeños negocios y emprendedores acerca de conceptos fundamentales de negocio, mientras brinda acceso y dirección a recursos informativos. Los dueños de pequeños negocios, en cualquier etapa de desarrollo, pueden beneficiarse de las oportunidades educativas y del conocimiento de todos los recursos de nuestra red empresarial. Aquí es donde el Small Business Education Program, con sus talleres y relaciones con progra