The best practices guide is designed to assist county educators, contractors and collaborators with SNAP-Ed statewide Extension nutrition and physical activity strategy implementation. This tool serves as a resource for implementing multi-component interventions and evidence-based curricula to improve the health and wellbeing of Nevadans. Within this guide is information to assist with increasing the appeal of healthful nutrition and physical activity in each community.

Throughout the following section, information can be found on: practices and activities common to each strategy, activities and interventions unique to each strategy, suggested timelines of implementation, strategy efforts towards sustainability, and grant reporting indicators.

Strategy Areas

Extension’s statewide Health and Nutrition Program reaches various target populations through five strategies. Each strategy is led by statewide health and nutrition specialists and composed of one or multiple program officers, community educators and additional support as necessary. Multi-component interventions and evidence-based curricula being implemented in each community will fall under one or more of these strategy areas.

The five strategies are:

  • Healthy Kids Early Start, preschool-age children 3-5 years old, their teachers and their families within the structure of the preschool or classroom setting.
  • Healthy Kids Healthy Schools, school-aged children within the structure of the classroom, lunchroom or school environment.
  • Healthy Food Systems, children, adults and older people through garden activities and farmers markets.
  • Healthy Living Sustainable Recovery, people in recovery for substance use disorder and their families.
  • Healthy Aging, older adults within the context of places where they eat, live, learn and play.

For the complete report on Getting Started; Policy, Systems, Environmental Activities; Program Delivery Essentials; Evaluation Indicators; Theoretical Model and more, use the link below to download the PDF version.

Helm, M. M., Buffington, A., Lindsay, A. R. 2022, University of Nevada, Reno Extension Statewide Health and Nutrition Program Best Practices Guide for Program Implementation (First Edition), Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Informational Publication

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