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The Master Gardener Volunteers of Douglas County provide horticulture information on gardens, landscapes, plants and other related topics.  This newsletter of July 2023 is one of the many resources of information available to the public to help accomplish this mission. 

The University of Nevada, Reno Extension Master Gardener Program is a volunteer educator program designed to teach research-based Nevada gardening practice to volunteers who in turn share this knowledge with their local communities through educational presentations, workshops, community events, help desks and much more. This newsletter is one resource that will be offered to help achieve the goals of the Master Gardener Program.

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Health in the Garden

By Ingrid Angelini

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J. Gardner, I. Angelini 2023, Gardening in Douglas County Nevada (2023-07), Extension, University of Nevada Reno, Master Gardener Newsletter

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Washoe County Leadership Academy 2022-2023 Program Evaluation
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Does Cooperative Extension Have a Role to Play in County Emergency Management and/or Disaster Preparedness?
While Extension may have the knowledge and skills to be an asset to the county or local emergency management and/or disaster preparedness teams, they may not be collaborating with the local authorities prior to a major crisis event.
Chichester, L. & Emm, S. 2019, Journal of the National Association of County Agriculture Agents, Vol12, Iss2, Dec. 2019
Plant Season Extension in the Desert
Desert regions, especially the high deserts, have wide-ranging temperatures that can greatly stress plants and reduce production. Using a combination of strategies to moderate environmental extremes and protect plants from frost can greatly improve growth and production.
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Tef Demonstration Planting Results (2005)
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