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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Tell your child "I love you" every single day! Tell knock-knock jokes Sing a song to your child Help your child send a postcard to a friend Make homemade playdough Make up a story about your family Draw a picture of yourself
Make treats together Write a wishlist of fun things to do Have a treasure hunt Dance together Tell stories about when you were a child Play with your child's favorite toys Listen to your child tell stories
Read the comics together Write your child a surprise note Tell your child how important they are Go to the Library for story time Play a game together Make homemade smelly playdough Pretend to be secret agents all day
Look at family pictures Make a paper bag puppet Make a card for someone special Snuggle and read a bedtime story Cook dinner together Call a relative and let everyone talk on the phone Read "Our Family Stories" book
University of Nevada, Reno Extension 2018, Family Storyteller | Calendar Fun, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno

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