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You Are What You Eat - The Role of Nutrition in Optimizing Brain Health 

By: Kat Hartley and Marwan Sabbagh, MD

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Eggs and Spinach Scramble with Red Pepper Pesto

Everyone, including granddad, will love this scramble! Eating eggs, in moderation, provides  protein and vitamins B, D,  and E  which may help improve your memory.  It is an “eggs-ellent” brain healthy recipe for you to try. 

Hartley, K. and Sabbagh, M. 2021, Healthy LIVING while aging! (2021-06), Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 6

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Egg scramble topped with red pepper pesto
Eggs and Spinach Scramble with Red Pepper Pesto
Everyone will love this "eggs-ellent" brain healthy breakfast recipe!
Extension's Healthy Aging Program 2021, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Newsletter

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