Welcome to our University of Nevada, Reno Extension team. We are glad you have chosen to join us and our mission to discover, develop, disseminate, preserve and use knowledge to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of people. You are part of a network of over 270 personnel delivering educational programs to Nevadans. Your success as a faculty member contributes to the success of our organization as a whole.

The New Faculty Onboarding Checklist has been designed to help onboard new academic faculty and administrative faculty with programmatic responsibilities. It will help you understand UNR Extension and your role, as well as prepare you for critical points along the way during your first year of employment. It will be your responsibility, with the help of your supervisor and/or Area Director to review and complete the tasks on the checklist within the timelines set forth. As you complete each task on the checklist please note the date it was completed. At the end of each month, send the entire checklist to your supervisor and Area Director for review of your progress.

The New Faculty Onboarding Checklist is only one part of the new faculty onboarding process. Additionally, there are a series of pre-recorded webinars available on the Employee Resource webpage, new webinars offered as needed, a two-day face-to-face orientation planned annually or biennially depending on hiring patterns and a formalized mentoring program. Please note the mentoring program is designed for academic and administrative faculty with programmatic responsibilities, except LOAs, temporary faculty appointments or soft funded administrative faculty. Timelines pertaining to the pre-recorded webinars and mentoring program have been included in this checklist. A list of key contacts is provided at the back of the document.

If you have questions, recommended edits or additions to the New Faculty Onboarding Checklist please contact the Associate Director of Extension (see the last page for contact information).

Horrillo, S; Barnes, L 2020, New Faculty Onboarding Checklist, March 2020

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