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Robert Moore

Web, Database & Communications Specialist


B.S. Biology, University of Kentucky, 1990
M.S. Evolutionary Ecology, University of Kentucky, 1993

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Book Chapter(s)
Interacting effects of predator and prey behavior in determining diets. Sih, A. and R. D. Moore 1990, In Behavioural Mechanisms of Food Selection (Roger N. Hughes), NATO ASI Series G: Ecological Sciences, Vol. 20: 771-796, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany.
A Web Site for Interpreting Drinking Water Quality Analyses. Journal of Extension. Walker, M., R. Moore 2003, Journal of Extension 41(1)
Delayed hatching as a response of streamside salamander eggs to chemical cues from predatory sunfish. Moore, R. D. and A. Sih 1996, OIKOS 77: 331-335
Delayed hatching of salamander eggs in response to enhanced larval predation risk. Sih, A. and R. D. Moore 1993, American Naturalist 142 (6): 947-960
Effects of predatory sunfish on the density, drift, and refuge use of stream salamander larvae. Sih, A., L. Kats, and R. D. Moore 1992, Ecology 73: 1418-1430.
Professional Papers
Parasite resistance in US cattle D H Bliss, R D Moore, W G Kvasnicka 2008, Proceedings of the Forty First Annual Conference American Association of Bovine Practitioners 41:109-114
green tailed towhee at swan lake nevada
A Bird survey of the Nevada Army National Guard Stead Training Site, Swan Lake Wetlands, Washoe County, Nevada Moore, R. D. 1998, Special Report to US Army, Stead Facility, Nevada