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Beginning Farmer and Rancher - Herds & Harvest Program

Developing educational courses, workshops, technical assistance, business advice and mentoring support network for Nevada agricultural producers who are beginning or diversify a farm or ranch operation.

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Cattlemen's Update

Cattlemen’s Update is Extension’s annual educational program offered for beef cattle producers to learn about issues affecting profitability and product quality in the Great Basin region.

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Food Safety Project

Extension has been instrumental in bringing about the "Nevada Food Safety Task Force," which strives to provide a working forum for food safety experts and to improve communication between all entities that are held accountable for food safety and security within our state.Improving Food Safety Education for Child and Adult Care Providers in Nevada.

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Healthy Eating on a Budget

The Healthy Eating on a Budget program has been integrated into the TANF Work Readiness workshop as a SNAP-Ed program. The purpose of the 8-lesson series is to provide SNAP recipients with education on healthy nutrition and physical activity practices, food resource management, food safety and food security. 

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Healthy Food Systems

The Healthy Food Systems Program works to increase access to and knowledge about healthy foods within the community through direct education and policy, systems, and environmental changes. The program focuses on local food production, food preparation and processing, nutrition, and food security to successfully educate the community on how food systems influence health.

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Home Food Preservation Program

The Home Food Preservation Program provides technical support on how to safely preserve foods through various methods and techniques.

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Climate Science Readiness and Training Needs of Nevada Extension Professionals
Special publication that evaluates the needs and institutional desires for incorporating climate change information into existing Extension programming. Includes assessment of attitudes, perceived knowledge levels, current efforts to address climate change and the need for training.
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Five-year field trial of the biomass productivity and irrigation response of cactus pear (Opuntia spp.) as a bioenergy feedstock for arid lands. Neupane D, Mayer JA, Niechayev NA, Bishop CD, Cushman JC 2021, Global Change Biology: Bioenergy. 13(4): 719-741. DOI: 10.1111/gcbb.12805.
Management of pennycress as a winter annual cash cover crop- A Review.
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Nevada’s Renewable Energy Resources: Biomass
Information on Biomass as a form of renewable energy in Nevada.
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Nevada’s Renewable Energy Resources: Solar
This fact sheet contains information on the potential of solar power in Nevada. Learn more about the renewable energy development, how solar energy is used, funding, and many more.
Curtis, K., Breazeale, D., Riggs, W. 2004, 2004
Nevada’s Renewable Energy Resources: Wind
This fact sheet contains information on wind power as a source renewable energy. Learn more about how wind power is used, projects, grants, and many more.
Curtis, K., Breazeale, D., and Riggs, W. 2004, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-04-53
Winter camelina seed yield and quality response to harvest time.
Winter camelina seed yield and oil quality affected by different harvest dates.
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