Apples in basket on table. The Home Food Preservation Program is dedicated to educating the general population about the various food preservation methods and techniques while emphasizing safety and the importance of following the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. We technical support on how to safely preserve foods through various methods and techniques. 

  • Water Bath Canning 
  • Pressure Canning
  • Dehydration
  • Freeze Drying
  • Pickling 
  • Fermentation
  • Food Safety & Storage 

Canned products on table.

We are not currently offering any classes at this time.

Canning Resources

The National Center for Home Food Preservation

USDA Home Canning Guidelines and Recipes

Dial Guage Testing

Dial gauge testing is conducted at the Clark County Extension office by appointment only. We use the Presto® Testing Unit #81288. The models that we are able to test are:

  • Presto®
  • National (those made by the National Pressure Cooker Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin)
  • Magic Seal
  • Maid of Honor


Brands Tested
Presto will test gauges at no charge. Just follow the included mailing instructions. Presto will only test gauges from these brands:

  • Magic Seal
  • National
  • Maid of Honor
  • Kook-Kwick
  • Presto

Mailing Address

National Presto Industries Inc.
ATTN Guage Testing
3925 North Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54703-3703


Mailing Instructions
Steps to send in your pressure gauge:

  1. Carefully remove dial gauge from canner and package in foam, bubble wrap or newspaper to avoid shipping damage.
  2. Ship gauge only to the Presto's mailing address. If you cannot remove the gauge from the canner lid, send canner lid with the gauge attached.
  3. Gauges are checked within three working days of receipt and shipped for return.

Customer Service
For questions regarding Presto's testing services, contact Presto Customer Service at 1.715.839.2121 or 1.800.877.0441

All American 

All American - has been selling their pressure canners with both a dial and weighted gauge for each unit. Weighted gauges do not need to be tested. For testing of All American dial pressure gauges, contact Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, 920-682-8627

Other models of pressure canner gauges - please check with the manufacturer.


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