Mazzullo, N. 2021, Healthy LIVING while aging (2021-08), Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 8

About the Newsletter

Monthly newsletter celebrating National Senior Citizen Day and covering: healthy aging, the importance of immunizations for older adults, healthy eating on a budget, exercising safely in the summer, and a summer salsa featuring a seasonal vegetable. 

National Senior Citizen Day

By: Natalie Mazzullo, M.Ed.

The Importance of Immunization for Older Adults

Eat Right When Money is Tight

Helpful Tips for Summer Safety

Summer Squash Salsa

Summer squash is the secret ingredient in this summer salsa. Make it a main meal by adding whole grains. 

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Associated Programs

Two adults hike along a walking trail

Healthy Aging

The Healthy Aging strategy offers physical activity and nutrition education, and health promotion to seniors throughout Nevada. With funding from the Nevada Division of Health and Human Services Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed), Healthy Aging programming provides skills that support making healthy eating choices and encourage an active lifestyle.


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