The Business Development Program aims to instruct small business owners about fundamental business concepts, while providing access and direction to informational resources. Small business owners at any stage of development can benefit from educational opportunities and awareness of all the business network resources. This is where the Business Development Program, with its workshops and relationships with Nevada business programs, steps in to act as a guide.

Creating Opportunity

Navigating today’s business climate is difficult, and information is either scarce or diluted. As a response, the Department of Business and Industry created The Road Map to help small business owners at every stage of development. This interactive guide, seen on the right, covers all business concepts and links small business owners to resources from helpful organizations across Nevada.

Our Role

We have developed classes based on the business topics in “ The Road Map” to help businesses in their lifelong learning journey. Our classes are:

  • Bilingual—English and Spanish
  • Centered on relevant business topics
  • Accessible in-person and remotely
  • A nexus for additional business resources such as lending and in-person counseling.

How to Sign Up and Learn We teach 4 to 8 classes per month in different locations and in both English and Spanish.

For a schedule of classes or visit our Facebook Page

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