Nevada Pesticide Applicator's Certification Workbook

The Nevada Pesticide Applicator's Certification Workbook has been recently updated and is available for download below. In Nevada, the certification process for pesticide applicators consists of a general test and one or more category tests. All pesticide applicators should be familiar with the General Knowledge sections of the manual. Individual categories also require testing for certification. You may download the entire manual or just the general knowledge sections and your category(ies) of interest. You may also purchase this manual and the National Pesticide Applicator's Certification Core Manual as a set for $15.00 at your local Cooperative Extension office. If you have purchased the 2013 version of the Nevada Pesticide Applicator's Certification Workbook, you may trade it in for a copy of the 2018 manual FOR FREE at any University of Nevada Cooperative Extension office until September 2019. Contact Melody Hefner at if you have questions.

Hefner, M., 2018, Nevada Pesticide Applicators Certification Workbook, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno. SP

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