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Fall is in the air! October's newsletter discusses charity scams and how to make sure the donations you give are to a credible organization. Also, learn how to shop smarter using packaged food hacks, your freezer and shopping store tips.

Charity Scams

With the holidays around the corner, ‘tis the season for gift giving; however, is it really a gift you want to give?

Packaged Food Hacks

Make ready-made meals more filling with these quick tips.

The Freezer is Your Friend

Tips for Shopping Trips

Shop Smarter. Follow these tips to save time and money on your next journey to the grocery store.

Natalie Mazzullo 2023, Healthy LIVING while aging! (2023-10), Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

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Preventing Falls in Your Home
This fact sheet contains extensive information on ways to prevent the risk of falling in one's home.
Collins, C. and Petermeier, H. 2007, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, FS-07-24

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Two adults hike along a walking trail

Healthy Aging Initiative

Join us for an informative and engaging event discussing the health disparities and equity issues marginalized older adult populations face. Our expert speakers will examine Alzheimer's and related dementia, gender responsiveness and care partner violence and explore potential solutions to promote health equity for all. This event is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience from experts in the field and connect with others who are enthusiastic about promoting health equity for older adults.