In 2022 DFI partnered with High Mowing Seeds to trial four specialty potatoes in the high desert. Read more about High Mowing Seeds here and stay tuned for results. We are grateful to High Mowing for reaching out to us and supporting work on seed for this climate. Varieties included in this trial are: 

peter wilcox potatoes

Peter Wilcox

The bright purple exterior of these earthy-flavored potatoes has striking visual appeal. Whether roasted, boiled, sliced or fried, the firm flesh makes it a versatile potato for the dinner plate. The specialty appeal of these potatoes makes them a desirable fresh to market variety, great for chefs, and a fun and exciting project in the garden. Plants are large and prolific offering great yields. Open pollinated. High disease resistance. Photo

Huckleberry Gold

Round to oval tubers that are high in antioxidants and have a low glycemic index. Good resistance to tuber malformations and less susceptible to hollow heart than Yukon Gold. Excellent for fresh market with good storage quality. Open pollinated. Intermediate disease resistance.

huckleberry gold pototoes
elba potatoes


One of the most blight resistant potatoes available, with added scab resistance for excellent performance in wet or dry years. Firm, slightly waxy texture suitable for roasting, boiling, baking and salads. According to Paul Betz, Elba is "incredible mashed, standing up in amazing fluffy white peaks with delicious flavor". Excellent storage. Prone to hollow heart in wet climates. Drought tolerant. Open pollinated. High disease resistance.

Red Chieftain

Very attractive presentation, with thin coppery skin and shallow eyes. Delicious boiled and as a new potato with firm, moist flesh. Superior flavor to Dark Red Norland with better storage potential. Higher yielding in heavy clay soils than other reds and offers field resistance to late blight. Tolerates clay soil. Open pollinated. High disease resistance. 

red chieftain potatoes
Moe, J 2022, Potato Research, University of Nevada, Reno,

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