• Up to 3 ft. tall, branched and covered with long, sticky hairs
Black henbane plant
Black henbane plant


  • Alternate, lance-shaped to oblong, 2-8 in. long and covered with short, sticky hairs; veins are prominent and pale; edges (margins) are lobed to toothed; lower leaves have a short stem (petiole), upper leaves have NO leaf stem
Black henbane rosette
Black henbane rosette


  • Funnel-shaped with a purple center; 5 fused, greenish-yellow petals with purple veins; arise from leaf axils along upper part of stem
  • Seed pods are pineapple-shaped, 1 in. long and covered with long, sticky hairs; open end has 5 lobes; contain many small, dark seeds 
Black henbane flower
Black henbane flower


  • Thick, fleshy taproot
Black henbane


  • Grows best on open sites with well-drained soils; often infests roadsides, waste areas, field borders and pastures; known to occur in Clark, Elko, Eureka, Lincoln, Nye and White Pine counties 
  • Annual or biennial; reproduces by seed
  • Toxic to humans and livestock but rarely consumed by animals due to foul odor and taste
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Black henbane seed head


  • Mowing, tillage, digging and hand-pulling prior to seed production are effective; burning dry, mature plants can kill seed 
  • Apply 2,4-D or dicamba post emergence; chlorsulfuron, metasulfuron or picloram pre- or post emergence
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