Resource Guide to Support Youth and Families In-School and Out-of-School

This Resource Guide to Support Youth and Families was developed to share community resources that are available through the University of Nevada, Reno and other state and community organizations.  A call for programs that support distance learning, social-emotional/mental health, academics, youth services and programs, parent education, health and wellness, and other programs was sent out across the state. Different organizations completed a survey sharing their programs that are beneficial to the youth and families of Nevada. These programs may be delivered in schools that support the academic and/or social-emotional educational standards, afterschool, summer camps, and within the community. 

The goal of this guide is to help the audience know the types of programs that are available to support our youth across the state. If there is a resource listed for a specific geographic area of the state, you should check to see if that same resource is available in your community.  

If you have a resource that should be added to this guide, please email

If you would like more details on the data collect from our survey, please use the link below to email us.

To access the complete 27 page resource guide, use the link below to download the PDF version.

Stark, C; Horrillo, S; Evans, W; Gallo, J; Norze, J; Sanchez, J; Demchak, M; Chvilicek, S; Bray, S 2021, Resource Guide for Nevada Stakeholder Perceptions of Youth Educational and Mental Health Needs During the Pandemic, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, Special Report

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