Rare palms and those found only on occasion in local nurseries can be mail ordered from palm specialty nurseries and seed supply companies. Seeds can be obtained from mail order companies specializing in Palm and Cycad seeds.

If you are in doubt about how much sun a palm will tolerate, plant it in afternoon shade. Western afternoon sun can be most harmful. Plants in shaded areas need less water. It is best to mulch all palms with organic products such as commercial bark, compost, recycled yard waste and other organics. Unlike rock, these mulches build up the soil, provide habitat for microorganisms and add needed nutrients in forms that the palms can readily utilize. Mulched soils lose less water, which means more for the palms.

The information given here is from the author’s observation of palms growing in the desert southwest, botanical gardens and other landscapes, including the UNCE demonstration garden in Las Vegas. The author suggests the following books and websites for more information on these palms. The information given in this publication only provides suggestions of palms that may do well in the southern Nevada area. Success will depend on many factors.


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See the link below for the list of palm trees.

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