Training Requirement

As a reminder, Extension's child abuse and neglect prevention training requirement is:

Any child who participates in educational programs and activities conducted under Extension's auspices is entitled to the protections of the law relating to child abuse and neglect reporting. All employees will complete Extension training to recognize child abuse and neglect and to understand the reporting protocol.

  1. All Extension paid staff must complete Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention training within 30 days of hire. In addition, trained Extension volunteers who work as unpaid staff in programs which involve youth must complete Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention training within 30 days of beginning volunteer assignments. Individuals cannot work with youth until this requirement is met.
  2. It is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to inform new staff or volunteers of the training requirement and to ensure that each person receives the self-study guide or attends a training session.
  3. Supervisors should keep documentation that staff and volunteers have completed the training, including a copy of the completed checklist. Additionally, the supervisor is responsible for submitting a copy of the completed checklist to the Statewide Administrative Office for inclusion in a state master list of trained individuals.

Reporting Protocol

The Extension protocol for reporting suspected child abuse and neglect is:

  1. In any case of suspected child abuse or neglect, all Extension personnel, including volunteers, must comply with the law. The law states that "where there is reason to believe that a child has been abused or neglected a report must be made." If you become aware that abuse may have occurred in the past, even many years ago, you still must report.
  2. Reports of suspected child abuse and neglect must be made within 24 hours of gaining knowledge of such information.
  3. Reports must be made directly to the appropriate local agency (the local Nevada State Welfare Department office or the local law enforcement office where the alleged abuse occurred) by the person who has reason to believe or suspect that abuse or neglect has occurred.
  4. Your supervisor should be notified that a report has been filed. Your supervisor is responsible for notifying the Extension Educator, Area Director and Extension Director of the action, without revealing the details of the report.
Extension 1998, Child Abuse and Neglect Training Requirement and Reporting Protocol, Extension

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