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kids reading e-book
E-Books for Young Children Kim, Y. 2017, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Family Storytelling and the Benefits for Children
Parents are encouraged time and time again to read stories from books with their young children, as the benefits are many – improved literacy skills, increased school success, parent-child bonding, developing a lifetime interest in reading and more.
YaeBin K. and H. Petermeier 2016, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, FS-16-07
Little Free Libraries: Strategic Future Locations in the Reno Sparks Area
Little Free Libraries (LFLs) provide opportunities for increased access to books and reading material for children. LFLs are small custom-built freestanding boxes that house 20 to 100 books. Over 32,000 officially registered LFLs exist; they are in all 50 U.S.
Burge, P. and Rebori, M. 2016, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Fact Sheet-16-08
Little Free Libraries in Nevada: What, Why and How
LFLs are small, custom-built freestanding boxes that house anywhere from 20 to 100 books. LFLs are often uniquely designed (typically very cute) and can be made of any material able to withstand the outdoor elements. Finding a suitable location for the LFL is an important decisio...
Bender, P., Burge, P., Powell, P., and Rebori M. 2015, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Fact Sheet-15-09
Building Vocabulary
A variety of techniques can be used to promote the development of language and literacy skills in young children. Building a child’s vocabulary is a great way for parents and teachers to nurture children’s oral language skills and influences a child’s ability to comprehend writte...
Teresa Byington & YaeBin Kim 2014, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, Fact Sheet FS-14-07