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Classes offer training for green industry workers, including some bilingual classes, on how to landscape in the Nevada desert

Extension’s 2012 statewide Horticulture Situational Analysis and the 2011 Comprehensive Regional Water Management Plan by the Northern Nevada Water Planning Commission cite the need for more professional education in the green industry. Surveys of green-industry professionals showed demand for short seminars, nursery worker training and continuing education opportunities for professional certification, all during the off-season or at noon. Topics deemed important included diagnosing plant problems, plant insects and diseases, plant identification, integrated pest management, weed management, soil fertility and plant nutrition, native plant landscaping, pruning, and pesticide certification/safety training.

In southern Nevada, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas received requests to offer a class on fundamentals of horticulture. In addition, the rapid growth of the Hispanic population created a need for bilingual training related to landscape maintenance.

Northern Nevada’s Green Industry Training Program had its seventh basic training series of eight classes for industry workers in 2017. Topics included plant diseases, weeds, soils, insects, landscapes, turfgrass, integrated pest management, pesticide safety and plant identification. Extension taught eight advanced classes for continuing education credits for certification and licensing, including four in English and Spanish. Bilingual classes included pesticide safety, integrated pest management, hands-on pruning and planting techniques. Other topics were managing trees during drought and keeping urban trees alive with limited water. 

Southern Nevada’s Basic Principles of Landscape Management taught 410 commercial clients in 2017, including 71 Spanish-speakers. Topics included pruning trees, integrated pest management and general landscaping. Extension, Clark County's botanical gardens was used for hands-on learning with 55 students. Extension also trained arborists in New Mexico and worked on a Best Practices for Arborists Program.

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