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Malieka Bordigioni

Research Manager


cattle feeding at UNR's Main Station Ranch

Agricultural Outlook (Nevada)

Provide agricultural stakeholders with a concise evaluation of current market conditions, expected trends in crop and livestock income potential and management implications.

Enhancing climate resilience on tribal lands

Native Waters on Arid Lands

Native Waters on Arid Lands is a five-year (2015-2020) project that partners researchers and extension experts with tribal communities in the Great Basin and American Southwest to collaboratively understand the impacts of climate change, and to evaluate adaptation options for sustaining water resources and agriculture.

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Technical Publication
2022 International Crops Baseline Update Summary Tables
This report provides an update to the 2022 International Crops Baseline prepared in mid-January 2022. This update incorporates changes that have occurred between January and early August in agricultural supply, demand, trade, and prices.
Bordigioni, M. 2022, Experiment Station, University of Nevada, Reno, TR-2022-01
2022 Preliminary Baseline International Crops Summary Tables Bordigioni, M.T. 2022, Experiment Station, University of Nevada, Reno, TR-2022-03