Free Classes for Nevada Realtors

A certified instructor comes to your location! Three In-Person Class Options:

  1. 20-Minute Brief for your Team Meeting
  2. 1-Hour Class for Realtors
  3. 3-Credit Continuing Education Class licensed through the Nevada Real Estate Division. CE.7329000-RE
    Participants will learn the importance of testing for radon gas during real estate transactions in Nevada. All of Nevada has high radon levels, so it is crucial to understand that radon causes lung cancer but is 100% preventable.
Kelly, Chris 2024, Radon Gas Education, University of Nevada Reno Extension

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How Radon Gas Enters Homes
Radon can enter and collect inside almost any home or other building through dirt floors, hollow block walls, cracks in the foundation floor and walls, sump pumps, openings around floor drains, joints and foundation openings for pipes, sewers and other utility connections.
Howe, S. 2019, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno. IP