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As we get older, love may start to look a little different. Learn some great ideas to bring sensory touch to an elder living alone. And read how to make small changes in your diet to more nutrient-dense food and beverage choices for breakfast and lunch. Next month, stay tuned for dinner suggestions.

Love is in the air! by Natalie Mazzullo 

Making Healthy Choices: One Day at a Time Breakfast

Making Healthy Choices: One Day at aTime Lunch

N. Mazzullo 2024, Healthy LIVING while aging! (2024-02) , Extension | University of Nevada, Reno, Newsletter

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Using Extension's expertise, the HAI team can connect you with the resources to navigate aging and its trends. HAI programs are offered for older adults and those who partner with them to provide care and support, including careers in aging exploration for middle and high school students and incoming college freshmen. We provide expert nutrition and physical activity training information for elders, caregivers and professionals. We have sponsorship options for tours and professional education.