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The Master Gardener Volunteers of Douglas County provide horticulture education on gardens, landscapes, plants, pest control and other home horticulture-related topics. This newsletter of October 2023 is one of the may resources of information available to the public to help accomplish this mission.

Master Gardeners share a meal at Heritage Park Gardens

Upcoming Events & Classes Fall 2023

Interested in learning more about the Master Gardener Volunteer Program? Join us for out monthly meeting! UNR Master Gardener of Douglas County meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. For more information or to RSVP contact Jessica Gardner @ 775-782-9960 or RSVP is required.May – October 2023 – Heritage Park Garden Q&A Sessions, Wednesdays @ 5:30-6:30 pm. Cost Free. Location: Heritage Park Garden 1461 Ezell St, Gardnerville, NV. Topics vary week to week. Welcome to All.

Autumn Garden Tool Care

by Ingrid Angelini - UNR Extension Master Gardener Intern

Mountain Crest Sharpening

By Lorna Doerr, UNR Master Gadener Volunteer Intern

Pollinator Garden – Douglas County Community Grant

By Jessica Gardner, UNR Extension Douglas County Horticulture Outreach Coordinator

In July of 2022, the University of Nevada, Reno Extension Master Gardener Program of Douglas County applied for a Douglas County Community Grant to install a pollinator garden and provide pollinator garden educational events for the Douglas County community.

Fall of 2022 and spring of 2023, UNR Extension Douglas County Master Gardeners developed and executed eight, in person educational events. These events included topics such as Butterfly gardens, Hummingbird gardens and basic garden design. Over 70 community participants were served and 262 research based fact sheets were provided.

After providing great education to our community, the Master Gardener Interns (1st year Master Gardeners) designed and installed a water wise, pollinator garden incorporating over 40 different low water, drought tolerant plants. This garden will provide more than just habitat for pollinators, it will be used as an educational tool and will also inspire future gardens in the Douglas County Community.

Kudos to the UNR Extension Master Gardeners of Douglas County.

Stop by and enjoy the garden anytime. See pictures for establishment timeline.

Gardner, J., Angelini, I., Doerr, L. 2023, Gardening in Douglas County Nevada (2023-10), Extension, University of Nevada Reno, Master Gardener Newsletter

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