• Wirelike, 6-28 in. tall, erect and slender
Photo of Ventenata plant


  • Flat, narrow leaves, 0.6-2 in. long; leaves at base of plant; ligules are membranous and 0.04-0.15 in. long
Photo of a hand holding a Ventenata plant


  • Relaxed, open panicle, 8-10 in. long with spikelets at the end of spreading branches holding 3 florets 0.6 in. long; at least 1 floret will have a twisted awn 0.75-1 in. long attached to the lemma
Photo of Ventenata seeds


  • Shallow fibrous roots
Photo of Ventenata plant


  • Grows in open, disturbed areas and along roadsides; can establish on bare, dry soils; known to occur in Elko, Eureka and Washoe counties
  • Winter annual; high in silica, litter builds up on soil surface, similar to medusahead
  • Can be grazed early in the season, unpalatable to livestock as seedhead develops


  • Hand-pulling is effective for small infestations; mowing can prevent seed production, repeated mowing may be required; burning can remove thatch, but it does not control the seedbank
  • Indaziflam or imazapic preemergence herbicides can be applied in the fall, preferably after the thatch layer is removed; glyphosate or rimsulfuron can be applied to actively growing plants
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Historical Fire and Ventenata dubia Invasion in a Temperate Grassland
Ventenata is an invasive annual grass that has rapidly expanded its range across temperate grassland and shrub-steppe ecosystems in western North America.
Luke W. Ridder, JoAnna M.Perrena, Lesley R.Morris, Bryan A.Endress, Robert V.Taylord, Bridgett J.Naylore 2021, Rangeland Ecology & Management, Vol 75, March 2021, Pg. 35-40

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