Program Impacts


Lander County’s Extension 4-H programs included the Lander Shooting Sports Club and Livestock Club.  The 4-H youth learned safe handling and skills in archery, air pistol, muzzleloader, shotgun and .22 rifle use.  The Shooting Sports Club had 13 participating youth while meeting 13 times.  The Livestock Club met 6 times and had 11 participating youth.  Four Livestock Club members attended the Tri-County Fair and participated in the show and sale of their animals.  

Support for other Extension and Community Programs

Lander County Extension distributes home radon testing kits and disseminates literature about the dangers of radon gas, a primary cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

“Healthy LIVING While Ageing!” newsletter, available through UNR extension is distributed to 50 seniors monthly.

Lander County Extension secured county funding to install new flooring and paint the interior of the building to improve professional appearance during delivery of Extension programming.  

County Funds Summary

Opening Balance: $338,847
Revenue: $73,138
Expenses: $393
Ending Balance: $411,592 

Expenditures Benefiting Lander County

County: $393
Federal: $8,474
State: $53,608
Sponsored Projects: $19,262
Other: $14,960
Total: $96,697

Erquiaga, L. 2021, Lander County Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2020 - 2021, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, County Report

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