We are proud to introduce a fresh batch of budding horticulturists that have taken and passed the Green Industry Training “Nursery Worker Certification”!

While this year’s series was delivered entirely online, it still provided the same foundational horticulture knowledge that included integrated pest management, best pruning practices, insect identification, and turf management, among several other topics.

Congratulations to all and we’re already looking forward to next year’s class!

Participant Organizations this year include:

  • Arrieta’s Landscaping and Maintenance
  • City of Fernley
  • Grasshopper Pest Control, LLC
  • Greenhouse Garden Center
  • Moana Nursery
  • NDOT
  • Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
  • Sierrawell
  • Santiago Landscape
  • Villager Nursery
  • Wilbur D. May Arboretum
  • Wickham Landscaping

2021 Nursery Worker Certified Individuals

  • Olivia Baez
  • Tyler Egan
  • Bodie Flodman
  • Stacy Mathis
  • Laurel Marshall
  • Marshall Ruf
  • Robert Reynolds
  • Haley Stokes
  • Tiffany Kirchner
  • Julie Gower
  • Demetrius Shaw
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Ross Kelley
  • Gary Ritter
  • Carin Carothers
  • Jesse Mitchell
  • Eric Barton
  • Eric Sunderland
  • Brooks Robinson
  • Marc Bourriague
  • Zepp Hoskins
  • Taylor Brown
  • Jessica Brandi
  • Maribeth Burt
  • Rachel Renaud
  • Angela Turner
  • Cody Hardcastle
  • Thomas Boes
  • Ivan Reyes
  • Jonathan Stephens
  • Julio Ortiz-Obregon
  • Morgan Duke
  • Cynthia Matheson
  • Matthew Robinson
  • Oscar Rodriguez
  • Cody Carpenter
  • Mary Castaneda
  • Hector Tinajero
  • Rebecca Cartwright
  • Rebekah Woolsey
  • April Mirczak
  • Eric Larusson
  • Jessica Schatz
  • Kendal Moore
  • Joel Wickham
  • Todd Kidder
  • Kevin Moore
  • Dena Moore
  • Suzanne Adams
  • Milan Slikkerveer
  • Jessica Gardner
  • Brian Jonas
  • Susan Haas
  • Kim Dunkley
  • Robert Moreno
  • Elsa Santiago
  • Leslie Chikato-Moreno
Morris, C. 2021, Certified Nursery Workers, Spring 2021, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Bulletin

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