The tannin extract of Quebracho Colorado wood (Schinopsis balansae and Schinopsis lorentzii) is rich in proanthocyanidins with demonstrated powerful scavenging activity against free radicals. Currently, this extract is used in the wine industry to improve sensory attributes, stabilize color, and act as a redox buffer. In this study, we hypothesized that condensed tannins from Quebracho Colorado wood could be incorporated into beef patties as a natural antioxidant source to improve shelf life. Patties formulated with tannin extract (0, 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5%) were evaluated for instrumental color, lipid oxidation, and sensory attributes. Patties were displayed under refrigerated aerobic conditions (PVC film) for 6 days for color and lipid oxidation analysis. For sensory analysis, patties were frozen immediately after formulation. Control (0%) samples were redder than samples formulated with 1.5% tannin during the first 4 days of display. For b*, samples formulated with 1.5% tannin were predominantly yellower during display. After day 4, chroma values were higher in samples formulated with 1.5% tannin. The inclusion of tannin extract improved lipid stability, however, levels above 0.5% decreased tenderness, softness, juiciness, and overall desirability of patties.

Fruet, A.P.B., Giotto, F.M., Fonseca, M.F., Nörnberg, J.L., and de Mello, A.S. 2020, Effects of the incorporation of tannin extract from Quebracho Colorado wood on color Parameters, lipid oxidation, and sensory attributes of beef patties, Foods 2020, 9(5), 667

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