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Nevada Pre-K Standards

Revised and Approved: 2010

Building a foundation for school readiness and success in Pre K-12 and beyond

Made possible through funding and support by State of Nevada Office of Early Care & Education, Nevada Pre-Kindergarden Standards, Nevada Department of Education and Washoe County School District.

Policies & Regulations

Nevada Regulations

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)

Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH)

Nevada Board of Health

  • Revised Proposed Regulation of the State Board of Health
    • Nutrition: Section 15.2 Requires Child Care Facilities to follow current nutrition standards for meals and snacks as issued by the Child and Adult Care Food Program of the United States Department of Agriculture.
    • Required Wellness Training: Section 11.1.k : Two or more hours of training in lifelong wellness, health and safety of children, which must include, without limitation, training relating to childhood obesity, nutrition and moderate or vigorous physical activity.
    • Physical Activity
      • Section 17.3 : A licensee of a facility shall provide opportunities for moderate or vigorous physical activity which builds muscles.
      • Section 22.4.f : Incorporate age appropriate instruction, concepts and activities that foster the social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development of children, which must include, without limitation, moderate or vigorous physical activity.

Women Infants & Children (WIC); Department of Public and Behavioral Health


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Healthy Kids Resource Center

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