University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is engaged in Nevada communities, presenting research-based knowledge to address critical community needs in the areas of agriculture; children, youth and families; community and economic development; horticulture; health and nutrition; and natural resources. It is a county-state-federal partnership providing practical education to people, businesses and communities. It is a unit of the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, and plays a vital role in fulfilling the University’s land-grant mission.



The Community Development programming focused on building communities on outdoor recreation in 2018. Our collaboration with Lincoln County Regional Development Authority, Lincoln County Authority on Tourism (LCAT), Rural Development, International Mountain Biking Association, Bureau of Land Management, and Nevada State Parks builds the basis for outdoor recreation development. The first 15 miles of mountain bike trails have been built and the City of Caliente opened the bike skills park (we ran the opening event). An impact study developed by UNCE and the College of Business identified the potential impact mountain bike visitors may have and the areas of business that needs to be developed to gain economic impacts. The model suggests that 10,000 new visitors could provide an additional $636,136 per year in income and over 9 full time jobs for current businesses and a further $ 213,855 in income and 3 full time jobs could be captured if missing business gaps are added.

The impact study indicates mountain biking could add up to $850,000 annually in business income and 12 full time jobs per 10,000 visiting mountain bikers.


The health program focuses on providing access to healthy foods and healthy eating education. The Community Garden and local food coupon projects provided over $6,000 of local foods to residents. In 2018.

The health education programs funded by SNAP-Ed continued in 2018. Little Books and Little Cooks was held in Panaca and Pioche to provide school readiness skills and healthy eating education to 3 to 5 year olds and their families. For adult education, the Healthy Eating on a Budget ran for its 7th year. We will be changing programs in the next year to bring more education to school age children since the Healthy eating on a budget program SNAP-Ed has reached a saturation of that audience.


The local food sales continued for Lincoln County residents but dropped dramatically into Las Vegas due to market access issues which is a Southern Nevada problem. This has stressed farms and resulted in some of the turning to hemp production.

Classes continued to educate the public on processing food with 2 workshops in Reno, a national and an international presentation.


I enjoyed the work experience, and I learned that I learn fast!

This program was able to give me exactly what I needed. I gained experience welding, equipment operating, public relations and maintenance.

Our adult career project educated 25 participants to not only acquire skills to gain occupational training and employment but also to increase their confidence and life skills in planning and decision making. Of the participants: 14 became employed, 11 completed occupational training and 4 were provided with on-the-job training.

Thirty-three at-risk youth were taught how to plan their career path and improved education resulting in 6 youth achieving their high school diploma or equivalent, 9 youth enrolling in occupational training, 26 youth receiving work experience training, 1 is attending a 4 year college, 1 received work experience and 8 youth gaining employment. Lincoln County had the highest number activity in work-based training in southern Nevada ($43,680 in 2018) supported the local economy, the local businesses and agencies who gained the work and the youth who would not have had experience to help them gain the next job in their career paths.

26 percent: I can complete planned stepsthat are improving my life.
16 percent: I think of all the results, both good and bad, before making important decisions.

-20 percent: I don't believe I can get the education needed for good jobs.
-18 percent: I get discouraged while making an important decision, I give up.


4-H ran 26 clubs with 33 volunteers and 179 4-H members in clubs. The number of completed 4-H projects entered in the Lincoln County Fair were 207. The Lincoln County 4-H Program worked with 30 percent of the total youth ages 5 to 17 in Lincoln County in 2017-18.

The Panaca sewing youth delivered pillows they made to seniors in the long-term care as their community service project (picture to the left).

In 2017-2018, Lincoln County Cooperative Extension enrolled 30% of the county’s youth ages 5 to 17 into life building projects in 4-H clubs. These projects are possible due to 33 volunteer leaders!

FISCAL YEAR 2017 - 2018


$563,722 - Total Revenue
$28,820 - Total Expenses
$26,500 - Total Balance


64% - Grants in County
13% - State
10% - Grants
5% - County

Lincoln County Cooperative Extension
360 Lincoln St. | Caliente, NV 89008
Holly Gatzke, Extension Educator | 775-726-3109

Gatzke, H. 2017, Lincoln County Annual Report | Fiscal Year 2017 - 2018, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno

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