Environmental Protection Agency & Center for Disease Control 2016, A Citizen's Guide to Radon - EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, 402/K-12/002

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Radon in Real Estate - Continuing Education Flyer
The Nevada Radon Education Program (NREP) offers a three-hour continuing education (CE) course that is offered at Realtor broker offices. Contact the Nevada Radon Education Program 775-336-0252.
Kelly, C. 2022, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno. IP
Washoe County-Reno area Radon Potential Map - 2018
Use this map to find out the potential of radon exposure in Washoe County-Reno/Sparks area homes.
Kelly, C. 2022, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno. IP
White Pine County Radon Map
This is the radon map of White Pine County in Nevada. This shows Radon potential based on data collected from completed radon tests from 1989-2018.
Kelly, Christine 2022, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno IP
How Radon Gas Enters Homes
Radon can enter and collect inside almost any home or other building through dirt floors, hollow block walls, cracks in the foundation floor and walls, sump pumps, openings around floor drains, joints and foundation openings for pipes, sewers and other utility connections.
Howe, S. 2019, Extension | University of Nevada, Reno. IP
Radon Gas Education
Flyer for radon education class for realtors.
Kelly, Chris 2024, University of Nevada Reno Extension

Associated Programs

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Nevada Radon Education Program

The Nevada Radon Education Program is funded through a grant from the EPA to educate Nevadans about the health risk posed by elevated levels of radon in the home. The Extension program offers literature, educational presentations and low-cost radon test kits in many county Extension and partner offices.