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State 4-H Handbook and Policy Guidelines

Animal Science


  • NV 4-H Dog Show Rule Book


  • NV 4-H Horse Helmet Policy
  • NV 4-H Horse Show Rule Book

Horse Judging/Skillathon

  • Horse Judging / Skillathon Rules and Regulations

Livestock Contests

  • Nevada State 4-H Livestock Contests Rules and Regulations

Shooting Sports

  • NV 4-H Shooting Sports Rules
  • NV 4-H Instructor Policies



  • 4-H Stewardship (information on 4-H as a public organization, incorporation, tax except status and obtaining a charter)
  • 4-H County Charter Letter
  • Official Chartering and Recognition
  • Official Chartering Requirements
  • Chartering Requirements and Definitions
  • Chartering and Tax Guidelines
    • 4-H Tax Exemption
  • Chartering — Constitution and Bylaws
  • Constitution and Bylaws Template
  • Chartering — Frequently Asked Questions
  • 4-H Charter Application
  • Authorization Responsibilities of the 4-H Name and Emblem
  • Reporting Violations to the use of the 4-H Name and Emblem
  • Yours to Protect

General Policies/Forms

  • Photo/Media Release
  • Field Trip
  • Transportation Form
  • Overnight Lodging
  • Sexual Harassment
  • 4-H Commitment to Excellence/Conduct
  • 4-H Official Dress Attire

4-H Members

  • "Campers" Summer Camp Registration Packet

4-H Volunteer Leaders

  • Adult Volunteer Summer Camp Application Packet
  • Teen Counselor Summer Camp Application Packet

Membership and Policies

  • Membership and Enrollment
  • Age Categories
  • Cloverbud Policy (Nat'l 4-H)
  • Cloverbud Policy (NV 4-H)
  • Personal Information and Privacy
  • Participation at National Activities

Risk Management

  • Purpose and Overview
  • Forms Description and Use
  • Activity Checklist
  • Employee (paid/unpaid) Incident Report
  • Non-Employee Incident Report


  • Fundraising
  • Fundraising: Sponsorships and Promotions
  • Raffles, Lotteries, Gaming and 4-H
  • Animal Sales/Auctions, 4-H Name/Emblem
  • Livestock Sales/Auctions — FAQs
  • Annual Financial Reporting Form
  • Annual Financial Reporting Instructions
  • Money Matters Checklist for 4-H Entities
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Associated Programs

campers swiming in lake tahoe

4-H Youth Development | Camp Program

Nevada has been involved in 4-H camping since the first 4-H camp took place on the University of Nevada, Reno campus in 1930. For about 79 years in Nevada, 4-H camping has been a proven and effective method of reaching, teaching and involving youth in leadership skills development. Each year, more than 500 youth participate in 4-H camping programs at Lake Tahoe Nevada 4-H Camp. Other 4-H camping programs take place across the state.

Building rockets from straws in a great lesson in propulsion.

4-H Youth Development

4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.