1. As visitors approach the Extension office site they:
    • find the building easily – visible signage
    • find the building open during the lunch hour
    • identify Extension as a professional organization by appropriate signage which is visible day and night
    • find a parking space
    • see well-cared-for landscaping
  2. At entrances visitors:
    • find the hours of operation for the building
    • find directions to each office
    • find directions to meeting rooms
    • find directions to restrooms
    • find directions to handicap facilities
    • know when and where events are scheduled
    • know where to go for information
  3. Throughout the building visitors:
    • see the mission of Extension
    • see information about program accomplishments through bulletin boards with news clippings, display of awards, etc.
    • learn about coming events
    • see evidence of diversity in staffing and participation
    • enjoy clean, orderly facilities that are in good repair
    • see neat, orderly desks and offices without excessive knickknacks
    • observe indicators that we practice what we preach: healthy plants, nutritious snacks, recycling
  4. In the reception area visitors find
    • the reception area close to the main entrance
    • clues to what is available: i.e., a catalog of available publications
    • fact sheets and bulletins
    • accessible and filled information racks
    • consistent information in all publications
    • loan-out materials in working order, with neat, clean packaging
    • available and pleasant staff with a positive attitude and a professional appearance
    • staff alerted to people coming in for specific materials promised by faculty or staff
Extension 2006, Office Image Goals, Extension