The Carson City Greenhouse Project was conceptualized in November 2008 in partnership between UNCE; the Carson City Cultural Commission; The Greenhouse Project Committee, a grassroots, community organization; the Carson City School District; Nevada State Parks; and numerous volunteers. The Greenhouse Project serves as a teaching facility for hands on programs at the Carson City High School. Students help to cultivate and distribute vegetables and herbs for culinary classes and community food banks. Additional flower baskets are grown to beautify downtown Carson City.

The organization has developed a project that caters to Nevada youth and students with disabilities and also serves to beautify downtown Carson City. The purpose of the project is to increase agricultural and horticultural arts and sciences in Carson City. 

To this end, a special citizen action group of over 35 members was formed. The Greenhouse will be located at Carson High School.

A greenhouse is a great way to educate students on the importance of nutrition and the benefits of gardening while providing horticulture industry training. Students will start a community supported agriculture project, learning production, distribution, marketing and other job skills. Produce from the greenhouse will be used in the Carson High School Culinary Arts Program, and flowers can be placed in flower baskets throughout downtown Carson City.


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Lisa K. Taylor
Program Leader & Contact