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Yolys Carrera

4-H Afterschool Coordinator


4-H Afterschool is a program implemented by Extension in Clark County School District schools. 4-H Afterschool aims to provide youth development opportunities afterschool for middle schoolers and high schoolers using the experiential learning model. 4-H Afterschool is available on a flexible schedule according to the school's needs. Programming can run anywhere from 2 to 5 days a week for 1-2 hours after school. Programs run in six-week special-interest sessions with week-long breaks between.


B.S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Human Services Counseling)


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Clark County (Las Vegas) 4-H Youth Development

4-H programming in the general Clark County area.

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Clark County 4-H Afterschool Program

Extension provides 4-H programming in the afterschool setting. Students learn-by-doing in 4-H Afterschool.

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Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools

This is a comprehensive nutrition program based on the socio-ecological model incorporating nutrition education, promotion and policy, systems and environmental changes that support the implementation of school wellness policy.