Photo of Paul Meiman, Extension

Paul Meiman

Associate Professor, Rangeland Livestock/Wildlife Interactions, State Specialist


Rangeland Management and Rangeland Ecology (livestock grazing management, animal/plant interactions, animal/habitat interactions, wildlife/livestock interactions, riparian areas, invasive plants, vegetation management)


Resource Stewardship improves rangeland management cb

Collaborative Resource Stewardship improves rangeland management

Extension has helped lead Collaborative Resource Stewardship efforts in northeastern Nevada over the past seven years, resulting in a model for other states and areas.

learning about riparians

Nevada Youth Range Camp Program

Most of Nevada’s youth live in large urban environments, with little exposure to rangelands, forests or agricultural environments, and the products and services rangelands provide. This program teaches students ages 14-18 how to read maps; identify and the importance of rangeland plants; evaluate sagebrush, woodland and stream ecosystems; wildlife habitat; and many other topics related to rangelands.

News & Journal Articles, Fact Sheets, Reports...

A Change in the Ecological Understanding of Rangelands in the Great Basin and Intermountain West and Implications for Management: Revisiting Mack and Thompson (1982) Perryman, P., Schultz, B., Meiman, P. 2021, Rangeland Ecology & Management Vol 76, Pages 1-11
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Predatory Plants and Patchy Cows: Modeling Cattle Interactions with Toxic Larkspur Amid Variable Heterogeneity K. Jablonski, R. Boone, P. Meiman 2020, Rangeland Ecology and Management, 73(1):73-83
Special Publications
Ventenata (ventenata dubia (Leers) Coss.): A New Invasive Annual Grass Threatens Northern Nevada. Morris, L. R., Schultz, B. & Meiman, P. 2023, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, Special Publication 23-08-15