Cathryn Peshlakai

Photo of Cathryn Peshlakai, Extension

Cathryn Peshlakai

Program Officer II


Early Childhood Development, Child Care Provider Training Coordinator, Nevada Ready Early Childhood Training, Opportunity Village Jobs Program Early Childhood Training


Eureka Senior High 1975
B.S. Early Childhood Education 2018- University of Nevada Las Vegas
Masters Early Childhood Education 2019- University of Nevada Las Vegas


Child Care Provider Training

Child Care Provider Training

The quality of care is greatly impacted by the education and work experience of caregivers. Cooperative Extension's Child Care Provider training improves a caregiver’s skills and knowledge.

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Early Childhood Professional Development

Ongoing early childhood professional development that improves the knowledge, skills and abilities of child care providers working with young children. Trainings are approved by Nevada Registry and meet Nevada State Licensing requirements.

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Spiral Up: Childcare Workforce Development

Providing child care training for more than 25 years as part of its professional development for child care providers programming to help fill a gap in this training that existed in the state.