Información útil sobre los derechos civiles

Paul Lessick oversees, facilitates and supports the efforts of the College of Agriculture Biotechnology & Natural Resources and its Experiment Station and Extension units to provide a place of work and learning free of discrimination on the basis of a person's protected class: age, disability, whether actual or perceived by others (including service-connected disabilities), gender (including pregnancy-related conditions), military status or military obligations, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, national origin, race, color, or religion

paul lessic

He is also responsible for coordinating and monitoring compliance with federal Civil Rights requirements as directed by the United States Department of Agriculture and National Institute of Food and Agriculture. As part of those efforts, he oversees efforts to counteract implicit biases and compliance oversights, implementing anti-discrimination practices associated with programs, complaint procedures and investigating allegations of discrimination from program participants.

Paul also oversees fingerprinting for volunteers and new hires as well as shooting sports compliance and policies. Other areas of his position include diversity and Civil Rights trainings, demographic reporting, accommodations, language access, reporting, and documentation, as well as special projects. He is actively involved in many diversity groups across the state and attends various events and seminars with an interest in promoting the College and its Extension and Experiment Station units.