Extension is an outreach college of the University of Nevada that provides information to solve problems and deal with critical issues within local communities. With local needs at the forefront, we develop educational programs in a number of ways - public presentations, workshops, demonstrations, publications and through the media. In recent years, we've begun to use Internet interactive video and satellite broadcast technologies, bringing knowledge directly to your home and community. With the help of volunteers, we deliver educational programs in these areas: Agriculture, Children-Youth and Families, Community Development, Health and Nutrition, Horticulture, and Natural Resources.

Program Impacts

Agriculture/ Sustainable Agricultural Practices Program

Agriculture is a primary economic and social component of Eureka County. Providing research-based information to stakeholders to ensure sustainability of agriculture is important to all stakeholders in the county to assist long term economic and social viability of individual operations and the community.

  • Provided Soil Health presentations in Eureka and Lincoln County
  • Conducted AI on 200 Merino and Merino/Rambouillet ewes Booroola genetics to enhance reproductive traits in Rafter 7 Merinos and stakeholders flocks utilizing Rafter 7 Rams.
  • Produced the annual Rafter 7 Merinos annual Ram and Ewe sale providing quality genetics to Nevada and regional sheep producers.
  • Enrolled the Rafter 7 Merino herd into the Responsible Wool Standards program managed by the Textile Exchange. This international program is designed to improve the welfare of sheep and the lands that they graze on.
  • Provided animals and assistance to UNR Researcher for a dual-purpose research project examining genetic influence on weight gain on a rangeland setting and utilizing GPS collars to study ewe and lamb movements on range.
  • Continued development and marketing of wool products to provide a value-added source of income and educational benefits for promotion of regenerative agriculture and natural fibers.
  • Planted grass species into existing alfalfa fields to improve biodiversity and increase forage production.
  • Provided stakeholder assistance in development of regenerative cropping plans on native meadows and pivots to improve soil health and economic returns.

Rangeland Resources

Rangeland resources on both private and publicly managed lands are a crucial resource for Eureka County agricultural producers, hunters and recreationists and community. As a rural county, rangeland resources provide the foundations for all agricultural enterprises and serve as the basis for rural life and the culture and custom of the community. The Eureka County Extension Educator serves on the Eureka County Natural Resources Advisory Commission to advise County Commissioners on the use and conservation of these resources and providing research-based information for issues they encounter.

  • Co-authored comments regarding the Proposed Public Lands Rule 88 FR 19583 intended to make Conservation a Land Use. Comments provided to the Director of the Bureau of Land Management in objection to the rule change.
  • Provided stakeholder assistance in development of a sage grouse habitat management plan for mitigation.

Integrated Pest Management

Noxious and invasive weeds are widespread throughout Nevada and threaten the productivity of cropland, pasture and rangeland. The Eureka County Extension Educator continues to serve on the County Weed and rodent and assist local producers, Nevada Department of Agriculture, and Conservation Districts to provide research-based information for weed issues they encounter.

  • Assisted Eureka County Public works in location and treating invasive weeds.
  • Provided letters of support to NV Department of Agriculture for two pesticide products supporting continued use of these products in gopher and squirrel control.

4-H Youth Development

  • Held the annual Eureka Jr. Livestock Show and Sale with 35 youth in various livestock projects, and had 18 Market projects auctioned during the Livestock Sale.
  • Launched the “Kahoot!” program every Tuesday for virtual learning for all of Eureka’s youth.
  • Hosted 20 Workshops for all Eureka Community youth.
  • Held six 4-H held Community Service Days.
  • The 4-H Horse program hosted their first Horse Show with 22 youth participating throughout the year.

Community Service

  • Board member on Eureka Natural Resources Advisory Board and Eureka Conservation District
  • NV BLM Mojave-Southern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council member
  • Past President of Nevada Conservation Districts
  • Liaison between UNR and Nevada Woolgrowers
pie chart of FY 23 expenses

FY 23 Eureka County Funds Summary

  • Opening Balance $1,184,109
  • Revenue $171,157
  • Expenses $226,785
  • Ending Balance $1,128,481
McCuin, G. 2023, Eureka Annual County Report | Fiscal Year 2022-2023, Extension, University of Nevada, Reno, County Report

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